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    Brawa German Container Car BTmms58 "Dortmunder Stifts-Bier"" of the DB  

    Brawa 49116

    Price: $82.39

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany III DB 149.4mm
    Brawa 49116 - German Container Car BTmms58 Dortmunder Stifts-Bier of the DB

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 
    • Three-point support
    • Metal frame
    • Originally reproduced, three-dimensional frame body
    • Brake shoes in wheel plane
    • Extra mounted steps
    • Separately mounted axle brake rod
    • Extra mounted brake system
    • Model with transition platform or hand-brake platform
    • NEM-standard close coupling
    • Finest paintwork and printing
    • Container removable
    • With 5 containers (Ddikr 621)

    In 1958, the SEAG company built two prototypes of the BTmms 58 derived from the BTms 55, which was designed for four “pa” containers. The cars, one built of light metal and the other of ST 52 steel, could now be loaded with five “pa” containers. This allowed the specific cargo weight to be increased, which in turn allowed the carrier to pay more advantageous rates for freight. The prototype made of steel proved its worth and was further developed to prepare it for volume production, which began in 1960. Over the next six years, a total of 2100 cars of the BTmms 58 class were produced. To simplify dispatching and loading, one end each car had a transition platform located above the buffers or a hand-brake platform in front of the vehicle frame. The initial defects that appeared on the solebars and central beams, caused by bumping and shunting impacts, were remedied with special work in 1963/1964 and the changes were included directly in the cars delivered after that. DB simultaneously exchanged the 35-tonne buffers for heavy duty 59-tonne buffers which were also used from the outset on cars constructed from 1964 onwards. From the end of the 1970s, a majority of the vehicles were prepared to accommodate the AK69e automatic central buffer couplings, but these were not installed in the end. The inventory of BTmms 58 units – designated as Lbms 589 since the mandatory introduction of the UIC codes on 1 January 1969 – slowly began to decrease from the beginning of the 1980s with the reduction in “pa” container transport. Five LBms 589 cars were last recorded in the inventory of DB AG in 2004. Beginning in 1955 brand-specific “pa” containers were developed for beer transport. They were used mostly as private containers for individual breweries which marked them with their own advertising material. In addition, Deutsche Bundesbahn also held its own which it kept available for other liquid foodstuffs. In total, approximately 200 containers of types Ddikr 621-624, with a capacity of 5m³, were thus created through 1972. Beer containers had ceased to be used on railways by the end of the 1980s. Even today, however, individual containers continue to be used by breweries for large events, among other things.

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