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History of Reynauld's Euro Imports, Inc

We specialize in the different aspects of European and German model railroads and history. Our family has been involved in German railroading since 1904. Our Great Grandfather was an engineer for the Bavarian State Railway. He operated famous steam locomotives like the Gt2x4/4 which later became the BR 96 Class Mallet and S3/6 which became the BR 18. Our grandfather worked for the Deutsche Reichsbahn from 1925 till 1945. After WWII he worked for the Deutsche Bundesbahn from 1945 until 1972 when he retired. Because of our family history and because this is our hobby as well as our business, we can offer our customers expert opinion, knowledge, advice and information for all their European railroad needs. We do not believe any other dealer in the country can make this claim. We pride ourselves on customer service and competitive prices, follow the links to see for your self. We offer various ways to order, including our secure shopping cart system.

1987: Reynauld's Euro Imports was founded by Mr. Reynauld Plaszewski in 1987. Initially there was a great connection by Reynauld’s brother, Roman Plaszewski, and many of the local European hobby shops. These relations made it possible for Roman to ship stock from Europe and deliver it to Reynauld’s, which allowed distribution of products to train enthusiasts all over the Americas. From 1987 till 1991 the business was located in Elmhurst IL, and was run out of a local residence. These years proved difficult because selling and distributing model trains is anything but an easy task. Reynauld’s attended model train shows all over the country to further expand the business, and bring its products across the nation. The shows entailed a lot of effort and hard work; often requiring hundreds of miles of travel for only a few hours of presentation. These tough times were the beginning of Reynauld’s Euro Imports. Nonetheless we enjoyed every minute of it, because our work is not without passion.

1991: This was an essential year for Reynauld’s with the addition of Roman Plaszewski as a partner to the company. The partnership brought technical expertise, business connections, and additional train knowledge to the business, along with an improved perspective on our entire industry. After approximately one year Reynauld’s shifted to a storefront setting. One of our connections owned a large hobby shop in Lombard Illinois, and it gave Reynauld’s the opportunity to display its products. This was our company’s first attempt at retail, and it proved to be a crucial step in expanding our business.

1994: After an intense increase in products, and a vast expansion of the manufacturers offered, we outgrew our Lombard location and required our own store. During the summer of 1994, the business was relocated to the Berry House in Geneva, Illinois. Geneva greatly resembles a typical European town, and with our emphasis on products from Europe, Reynauld’s fit the scene perfectly.

1995: In 1995 Reynauld’s Euro Imports incorporated the use of the internet to give its customers a more efficient method of acquiring products, and also reach out across the globe. The internet was still in its infancy stages, and was not as widespread as it is today. This allowed Reynauld’s Euro Imports to purchase a range of domain names in an effort to demonstrate to consumers that we carry exactly what they may be seeking, including so much more. Within 12 months the internet allotted more business than our catalog and retail sales combined and transformed our small shop into a multi-million dollar corporation.

1998: In 1998 Euro Imports relocated down the street and rented four units for both retail and E-commerce. The enormous amount of space allowed the creation of the Fox Valley Model Railroad Club. Support from the club made way for the construction of a three tiered 10x40 foot layout which became an attraction for consumers and enthusiasts alike.

2002: Renting became an inconvenience and Euro Imports required a permanent location. In the spring of 2002 our company purchased a large old commercial bank in downtown Elburn, Illinois. After four months renovation the bank was transformed into an exquisite three floored hobby store. Our lobby contains 50 feet of display cases and a functional layout around the entire foyer, 10 feet off the ground. Our store provides plenty of aisles for browsing products, and a large amount of warehouse space for satisfying our internet orders. The store even contains the original vault in which we store all our brass engines behind an 11 ton door. A second vault in the basement of the building contains five Dell server towers connected to a T1 line to satisfy the 18 million hits that we generate per month on our website. The rear of the bank has ample parking for our customers, and there is even space for consumers who have full sized trucks. The lot in conjunction with our unloading dock is crucial for receiving shipments from Europe which are now received directly from all major manufacturers.

Even today Euro Imports continues to improve its business to bring you top of the line model trains. We ensure the best quality, collection, and service, and will continue to advance to serve enthusiasts around the globe.

Why Buy From Reynauld's Euro Imports, Inc?

One of the great things about our website is that all of our prices are in US Dollars, which is best for US customers. The price you see, is the price you pay. Many of our competitors are foreign dealers and process their orders in Euros or Canadian Dollars. The huge problem with this is that the US dollar cost listed on these sites may not be up to date with the current exchange rate. Because of this you may end up paying way more than the published US dollar amount. Shop and compare and you will see for yourself that in some cases the difference is 10% or more than the US dollar price listed. With the Euro at an all time high against the dollar buying in Germany these days is less attractive. Also with the Canadian Dollar being much stronger against the US dollar purchasing in Canada has also become considerably more expensive. Here's how to compare: Take a site's Euro or Canadian price and convert it to US dollars with the current exchange rate. You may be surprised to see what you will really be charged compared to the listed "US Prices". Shop and compare and you will find our prices very attractive, and you don't have to deal with the hassles of calculating foreign exchange rates. Here is a currency conversion tool to help you in your comparisons.

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  • Our prices are very competitive and our inventory is one of the largest in the country.
  • Reynaulds is a company you can trust. We have been in business for nearly 20 years. We are more than just a mail order company we are also old fashion shop keepers. Come and visit our store it is one of the most exquisite luxury toy stores in the world.
  • We have a state of the art digital service and repair center. Our technicians specialize in the installation of digital decoders, sound decoders in all gauges. We also repair older out of production models.
  • We are authorized dealers for Märklin, Trix, Roco, Fleischmann and many others.
  • We have great buying power in Europe, Canada, and the U.S., making it easier for us to give you better prices and help you find rare collectibles, discontinued items, or anything that you can't find from other dealers.
  • Our mail-order department will ship anywhere in the world. We accept VISA/MasterCard/American Express, money orders and personal checks.
  • We don't penalize our customers for using their credit cards. So, whether you use a credit card or pay cash, the sale price will be the same. We never charge for items that are out of stock, back ordered items are charged when they ship. We do not charge our customers handling fee's of any kind.
  • At Reynauld's Euro-Imports, Inc. we offer only brand new merchandise known for quality and dependability from Märklin, Roco, Fleischmann, Trix and many others. We do not sell second-hand merchandise as new items like some out of the basement dealers.
  • Some of our competitors use a higher retail price than ours. Make sure you check the retail before comparing prices. You will find our retail price significantly lower.
  • We now offer a two-year extended warranty on everything we sell against manufacturer's defect.
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