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    Tillig Left Turnout  

    Tillig 85354

    Price: $41.25

    System Scale Dimensions
    DC HO 284mm
    Tillig 85354 - Left Turnout

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC 

    Soft left frog angle 9 °, 12 ° branch, radius 1.350, length 284 mm


    Straight Points 12° EW 3

    The points EW 3, which could also be designed EW 1350-1:4.7 display a frog angle of 9° and an exit angle of 12°. They correspond to the original points form EW 500-1:12, which dominates the scene along main line tracks and also some secondary lines 


    • To be used for: NEM or RP 25 wheel sets, Older rolling stock with higher wheel flanges up to approximately 1.2mm.
    • The geometry matched to the NEM stipulations regarding possibilities for the use of true-scale long vehicles
    • Rail construction not only for professionals
    • The advantageous properties of the track give the imagination free rein at the planning stage: There is no fixed pattern to unduly restrict your planning intentions.
    • Low rail profile (height of 2.07mm = Code 83)
    • Unusually narrow rail width of just 0.8mm
    • It is supplied ready-weathered (rust brown) like the rail joiners and insulated rail joiners, the rail surfaces are naturally left bright
    • The design of the track corresponds exactly to the “K” - system is suitable for all model railway eras
    • The points blades fixings are reproduced as faithfully as possible: No disturbing joints, acting instead like their originals, The frogs manufactured from very sharply pointed rail

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    Product Reviews

    Tillig 85354 Left Turnout May 16, 2019  Rating: 5
    By Richard
    All my locomotives, including Trix, Micro Metakits, Lematec, Fulgurx, etc run much more smoothly through these turnouts then the PECO that I initially tried. I'm very happy w/ their performance. Items to note: You also have to remove or brush off the surface coating to solder/connect wires. They are delicate and I received one turnout w/ out a tab on the toe switch, which made the toe bar ineffective.
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