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    Piko DB III TEE VT 11.5 3-Unit Train  

    Piko 37320

    Price: $1,007.99

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    G Germany III DB 2000mm
    Piko 37320 - DB III TEE VT 11.5 3-Unit Train

    Product Features and Details
    G Scale Era III 

    Prototype: The VT 11.5 streamlined diesel multiple-unit train was a standout development from the ranks of German railway vehicle builders in the 1950s and the flagship of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German railways). The trains were developed for the international Trans Europ Express (TEE) service, with increased comfort in mind. In total, 19 power cars were built by MAN, 23 compartment cars by LHB and, by Waggonfabrik Wegmann, 8 coaches as well as bar-dining cars and 9 kitchen-dining cars. While a maximum 10-unit train was possible, 7 units was the normal consist. With the introduction of the new numbering scheme on January 1st 1968, the power cars were renumbered to the 601 series and the middle cars to the 901 series. In 1971, the DB introduced the interCity system, with first class trains offering fast service on two-hour intervals between major cities. The TEE trains were integrated into this system, with the VT 11.5 trains changing to new routes over time as earlier routes were electrified.
    To achieve 160kph speeds while accomodating up to 256 seats in 10-unit trains, 4 of the power cars were rebuilt with 2200hp gas-turbine motors. Renumbered into the 602 series, these units suffered from low reliability and high fuel consumption. They were taken out of service in 1979. The planned service life extended to 1988, but in 1987 all units of the 601/901 series (except 601002 and 901 403, which had been damaged and scrapped) were sold to Italy. In 1990 after the German reunification, a single 10-unit trains was leased back from Italy and used briefly, as the InterCity train Max Liebermann of the former East German Railways between Hamburg and Berlin.

    Model: Piko's new VT 11.5 TEE express train is comes as a 3-part multiple-unit train which consists of two powered end units and a passenger coach. The train is designed for easy installation of interior lights as well as a decoder and sound.  Piko models run on all G-Gauge track systems.

    As an add-on to the 3-unit train, a passenger coach with different car number and a buffet car are also offered, #37640 and 37641.

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