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    Micro Metakit Prussian Electric Locomotive EP209  

    Micro Metakit 11501H

    Price: $2,695.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Germany I K.P.E.V.
    Micro Metakit 11501H - Prussian Electric Locomotive EP209

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I 

    Prototype: The Prussian Electric locomotive class EP209 were built in 1921. These locomotives were used for quick passenger service in the mountainous ranges of Silesian.  The EP209 met the required performance program at the time which was to be able to pull a 500 ton express train at 90 km/h.  The locomotives were built in two parts with the wheel arrangement 2 B + B 1.  The larger chassis had a two-axle bogie the two driving axles, while the smaller chassis had a one axle bogie and two driving axles.  Both parts of the locomotive were driven by one motor via a straight toothed gear and a jackshaft on subsequent connecting rods to the driving axles. The cabs were wood framed with metal cladding and the bodies were steel.  The most unique feature of this electric locomotive is the fact that is also has a steam boiler so it run run under steam power where there were no electric lines. In 1925 the Deutsche Reichsbahn took over the Germany State Railroads and renummbered all the locomotives.  Under the Reichsbahn the EP209 was known as the E49.

    Model:  The model has functional lights and fully detailed engineers cab and motor compartment. The motor compartment and engineers cabs are also illuminated, the interior lighting can be digitally turned on and off. The most amazing aspect of the model is that it has a fully functional old fashion replica electro motor. The electro motor has spinning coils which are polished in brass and spinning counter weights. When you run the model you can digitally turn on the interior lighting and watch all the movement through the windows, simply amazing. You will see the spinning brass conductor coils and the large counter weight moving. You will also notice that the large counter weight has the jack shafts connected to the drive rods so everything moves together, just like the real locomotive. Up to know no one has ever made this possible in a model. The locomotive is a moving work of art, and it has many of the same characterictics of a steam locomotive. Quantities will be limited so reserve one today.

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