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    Fulgurex French Steam Locomotive PLM C230 "Coupe-Vent  

    Fulgurex 401-2259

    Price: $2,495.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany I PLM 130mm
    Fulgurex 401-2259 - French Steam Locomotive PLM C230 Coupe-Vent

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I Includes a digital decoder 

    Model: Fulgurex new iconic French PLM "Coupe-Vent". is simply remarkable.  Fulgurex models are among the finest and most collectible handmade models in world.  Fulgurex models are handmade and hand painted by "Old-World" artisans which have made Fulgurex locomotives the most sought after items by collectors all over the globe. The locomotives are truly the epitome of fine craftsmanship - the Mercedes of the European Model Railway Industry!  Many Fulgurex models are produced in quantities less than 40 worldwide, so they are very collectible. We just received the exquisite PLM "Coupe-Vent" locomotives. This exquisite model is very limited and we only received in 8 models so we expect them to sell out quickly. Model is equipped with a brushless, ironless, high efficient motor with flywheel. Model features full cab interiors, functional smoke box door, sprung loaded puffers and a fully functional and replicated four cylinder drive system.  Model also has many small hatches on the tender that can be opened and closed.  Fugurex has really out did themselves with this model, it is simply a work of art.

    During the early 1900s French steam locomotives were among the best in the world. The French PLM C230 "Coupe-Vent" locomotives were first introduced in 1901. This exquisite 4-6-0 was designed for express train service. The "Coupe-Vent" was one of the first locomotives in the world which adopted some of the principles of streamlining. These machines had a fairing on the smoke box, another between the chimney and the dome, and a "windbreaker". The engineers cab was also streamlined.
    The first locomotives built between 1901 and 1905 were numbered 3401-3650. From 1906 till 1924 locomotives numbered 3651-3735 were built.

    In 1924 all of the PLM C230's were reorganized under the SNCF and renumbered as class 230 A. Many locomotive manufactures were involved with the production. Various French manufacturers, two German manufacturers, Henschel (10 machines) and Borsig (40 machines), a Belgian manufacturer Cockerill and an Austrian manufacturer Wiener Lokomotivfabrik in Florisdorf (30 machines) were all producing this incredible and successful locomotive.


    Length: 11.38 m
    Empty weight: 56.5 t
    gross weight: 60.7 t
    Stamp: 15 kg
    Grate surface: 2,48 m2
    Heating surface: 189.51 m2
    Wheel diameter (wheel): 1 650 mm
    Wheel diameter (carrier): 1000 mm
    Dimensions HP cylinders (high pressure), bore x stroke: 340x650 mm
    Dimensions of cylinders BP (low pressure), bore x stroke: 540x650 mm
    Max Speed: 95 km / h
    Brake: Westinghouse Type Henri (automatic and gradual variation)
    Air compressor: Fives-Lille


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