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    Fulgurex Swiss JN Ed 3/5 Locomotive "Locle" with cab  

    Fulgurex 2258

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Switzerland I JN
    Fulgurex 2258 - Swiss JN Ed 3/5 Locomotive Locle with cab

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I 

    Prototype: The first railway company in Switzerland was formed in 1836 with the intention of constructing a line from Basel to Zurich. However, financial problems resulted in the project being abandoned in 1841. The first actual stretch of railway track on Swiss territory was constructed in 1844 as part of the line from Strassburg to Basel. The railway truly came to Switzerland in 1846, with the founding of the Nordbahn, which opened its line from Zurich to Baden in 1847 and quickly assumed its popular name "Spanisch-Broetli Bahn", derived from a local speciality of the bakeries in Baden. The Ed 3/5's were produced and most of them were built in 1858 by the Maschinenfabrik Esslingen Germany. The Ed 3/5's weighed 33 tons and produced 370 horse power. Fourteen locomotives were built by Maschinenfabrik Esslingen, all were delivered without cabs. By the early 1900's the Swiss Railroads added cabs,Westinghouse brakes, brake compressors and boiler domes. Many of the locomotives were named after Swiss cities or regions.

    Model: Fulgurex will offer seven versions of the Ed 3/5's, a total of only 135 will be produced worldwide. All seven versions have there own personality, they all have different smoke stacks, paint liveries and cab's. The "Pilatus" for instance has an open cab design. These new models are stunning, they are handmade out of brass with extensive detail. Models are equipped with ESU lokpilot decoders and high efficency "Faulhaber" type motors. Models also feature functional boiler hatch and lights. The Ed 3/5's are extremley attractive little locomotives and they would make a nice addition to any collection. We expect delivery early part of November 2012.

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