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    Brawa Austrian Flat Car SSl44 of the BBÖ  

    Brawa 47207

    Price: $40.71

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Austria III BBÖ 231.5mm
    Brawa 47207 - Austrian Flat Car SSl44 of the BBÖ

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 

    Model Details:

    • Delivery without load Brake shoes in wheel plane
    • Extra mounted Axle brake frame, axle bearing and brake system
    • Finest paintwork
    • Short Coupling Kinematics by NEM
    • Faithful reproduction of the three-dimensional fish belly support frame
    • Car bottom die-cast zinc
    • Cart conclusions pluggable and individually enclosed

    In establishing the DRG you took a large number of rail cars after the Prussian standard parts, making it among the limited financial resources was no way a successor design in larger quantities to obtain. Although when installing the replacement drawings, a 4-axle rail car was taken into account, however, built only in a very small quantity of 95 pieces. Only with the advent of welding technology and the upgrade of the German Empire arose a need for a new 4-axle rail cars. Thus, in rapid succession, several prototypes and series originated with numerous differences. 1934 SEAG delivered the first two test cars. They consisted of 52 St and each had a removable brakeman wood or steel. The further deliveries until 1939 were also from St 52, had three cross members and seven of bolsters. The brakeman was removable. From 1941 they built a modified version. This was now out of the weaker St 37, which meant that you had to provide a fourth cross member. Laterally there now have eight bolsters. For vehicle transports the brakeman's stand had only a umlegbares platform railing. At the request of the Wehrmacht all older cars should be rebuilt. Had the first deliveries still a welded bogie box, so almost all subsequent deliveries were equipped with the Preßblechdrehgestellen. In addition to the supplies to the DR and the Wehrmacht received cars and used them for military purposes, including in the trains of mobile V2 ramps. Total to end of the war approximately 3,500 cars were built. After 1945, the welded rail cars were spread across half of Europe. From France, it is still to be fitted with new bogies known. The DB had after the war, about 1,400 cars in stock, estimated the DR 500. Both railroads the cars were used a long time and were only retired from the 80s. Still 1979, the DB of over 1,000 known as R 672 cars in use. In the DR, the original car dropped out earlier, the lack of coaches of the 80s, however, meant that the DB, the latest R 672 bought from. The DR called it RCC [3811] and used them to transport slump in 1990.

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