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    Trix Class V 200 Diesel Locomotive  

    Trix 25500

    This is a 2024 New Item

    Price: $426.31

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Germany III DB
    Trix 25500 - Class V 200 Diesel Locomotive

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III MFX Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    It was the unsurpassed rail star of the Economic Miracle years: the legendary German Federal Railroad V 200. The five preproduction units rolled out on German rails starting in 1953 and immediately attracted a great deal of attention. Its brawny but simultaneously elegant design with letters in relief on the side walls stood for the breakthrough of a new age in railroading: away from the sooty steam giant and on to the modern super power diesel locomotive. These red growlers soon conquered the rails all over the German Federal Republic pulling elegant, first class long-distance express trains. A myth was born. Moreover, also in the Märklin program, for the V 200 was as successful in the small scale as on the real life railroad. The new Insider F express train "Senator" with the finely detailed preproduction V 200 002 locomotive is linked to this tradition and reminds people of a time when the railroad in the new German Federal Republic stood paired as a symbol for punctuality with style and comfort.

    Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) heavy diesel hydraulic locomotive, road number V 200 002. V 200.0 (preproduction series) general-purpose locomotive in a crimson paint scheme as the locomotive looked in the Mid-Fifties. Use: Medium and heavy passenger and freight trains.

    Model: Completely new tooling with highly detailed features. Read the entire model description and discover everything interesting about this model online at: https://www.maerklin.de/insidermodel.


    • Completely new tooling with all the salient details of the preproduction V 200 series modelled: altered ends with small lamps and without ventilation grills, large, finely detailed cab windows enable an open view through the cab. Prototypical different construction of the trucks. The roof equipment also corresponds to the original.
    • Prototypical modelling of the engine room, including a partial view through to the other side
    • Close couplers with a guide mechanism.
    • Buffer height conforms to the NEM.

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