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    Trix 2014 Museum Wagon  

    Trix 24714

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Era Dimensions
    DC HO III 110mm
    Trix 24714 - 2014 Museum Wagon

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 

    Prototype: type G02 boxcar with a brakeman's cab.

    Model: Two-axle wagons with private label advertising the company Ernst Heinrichsen tin figures factory, Nuremberg. The model corresponds to the coloring and lettering for Era III. With a close coupler mechanism. Length over the buffers 11.0 cm. Attached to the carriage is an original, lovingly crafted, tin toys stand the company Heinrichsen, wrapped in genuine "Crocodile packaging" of the company. One-time series.

    Available only in the Märklin Museum Göppingen.

    History of tin figures Offizin Ernst Heinrichsen, Nuremberg. From 1839 to 1938 three generations of the family Heinrichsen (Ernst, Wilhelm and Ernst Wilhelm) have created a form of inventory of about 16,000 forms for tin figures, half of which arose after 1900 for "cultural-historical" 30 mm figures. It is to be regarded as a stroke of luck that not only (almost!) have survived all forms, but also the complete documents in the company archive of all wars and are available to us today. The company's founder Ernst Carl Peter Heinrichsen was born in 1808 in Silesia and began an apprenticeship as a tinsmith there. With his teaching letter he went on tour in 1822, and came in 1826 or 1827 to Nuremberg. Here he found work first at pewterers Ammon, where he mainly produced slate molds for pewter figures. In 1832 Ernst Heinrichsen working as an independent engraver and produced steel Dancing for goldsmiths, all kinds of tools for pressing knife stapling and fruit baskets and brass plates for bookbinders, which used these to decorate wallets, album or song books. In addition, he cut seal rings. Although he was successful in this profession, Ernst Heinrichsen went back over to his learned profession and received on 06 September 1839 by the municipal council in Nuremberg a license certificate for "casting leaden children toys from so-called fast Rose'schen liquid metals". Wilhelm Heinrichsen was born as the first child in 1834. He was predisposed less artistic, but has brought through a secure commercial intuition the company to economic climax after he had the business from his father on his own responsibility in 1869. While at Ernst Heinrichsen mainly molds for pewter figures emerged that illustrated the current events, Wilhelm Heinrichsen has in the 80 years of the 19th Century laid on the presentation of historical events. For the designs on these series, he has committed renowned artists. With the beginning of the 20th Century takes over William son Ernst Wilhelm (1867-1938) the company. At this time, the pewter figurine of the toy figure collector item converts - whereby the production almost exclusively concentrated on the 30mm character size. So that other requirements are also placed on the accuracy of the representation. In order to offer so-called "cultural-historical characters," leaves Ernst Wilhelm Heinrichsen known artists to work for you. In the year 1981, under the direction of the 6th Generation of the family, the first "new editions" of the historical forms appeared. It sells the figures by mail order directly from Ernst Heinrichsen. The existing in Nuremberg since 1979 store of tin soldiers Hofmann (formerly Zinnmodelle Schiller), were sold in the Heinrichsen figures, has been closed since December 2010. As of now, however, stands in Nuremberg collection options for pre-ordered figures available. 700150 Marklin AC wheelset.

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