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    Trix German Electric Locomotive BR 120 of the DB AG  

    Trix 16025

    Price: $190.00

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    N Germany V DB AG 120mm
    Trix 16025 - German Electric Locomotive BR 120 of the DB AG

    Product Features and Details
    N Scale Era V 

    Prototype: Fast multi-purpose locomotive class 120 of the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG). Coloring than 1 Marklin locomotive art "Christmas" in 1996, BB wheel arrangement. Built starting in 1987. Use: Passenger and freight trains.

    Model: With digital interface. 5-pole motor with a flywheel. 4 axles powered. The headlights and marker lights are LEDs, with the direction of travel. Close coupler mechanism. New "roof garden" with single insulators and wire. New mounting on molded on the clutch shaft. Length over buffers 120 mm.

    Highlight: 1 Marklin art locomotive from 1996. New "roof garden". One-time series.  

    Electric Loco BR 120, art locomotive "Christmas" with the 1979-80 delivered five prototype locomotives of the DB class 120 worldwide for the first time in electrical solid Bahn locomotives. Long intractable difficulties were partially offset the advantages of three-phase motors. Only with the help of electronic switching and control technology of three-phase motor could flexibly and to be used for the practical operation. Externally impressed the prototypes through their 19,200 mm length, with which they had almost on the series 103, 150 and 151. In contrast, they had newly constructed, but only two-axle bogies. A BBC-hollow shaft-cardan joint drive is used for power transmission. Main frame and lightweight Engaded form a self-supporting construction. Between 1987 and 1989 were at AEG, BBC, Siemens, Krauss-Maffei, Krupp and Henschel series locomotives 120 101-160 with numerous improvements such as time-multiplexes push-pull train and double traction control, enhanced power brake, additional electro-pneumatic brake and automatic driving and braking control with anti-skid protection. Lack of print density for use on the new lines, as well as difficulties with the electronics required some improvements and delayed the commissioning. The first series locomotives are history in 2011 and also the series locomotives had to ruffle feathers. Beginning of 2005 were the 120 153 and 160 as 120-501 and 502 of the DB system technology as a trial and measuring train locomotives. Five engines (120-116, 129, 107, 128 and 121) were 2007 and 2010, three more (120-131, 139, and 117) equipped with a transport package (train destination displays, train handling system, server and others), renumbered in 120 201-208, and given to DB Regio. Back in the mid of 1990s recognized the DB the DB class 120 with its sleek carbody was suitable particularly well the value of locomotives as advertising media and here. In collaboration with Märklin DB presented with the 120-129 the first commercial locomotive on 15 November 1996. She was been plastered with predominantly blue and White Christmas. But unfortunately this first "art train" ran only until January 8, 1997, then the slides have been removed again. But Märklin made subsequently with lengths Alder any "Art locos" for a lot of variety in the mostly quite drab DB railway world.

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