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    Roco Exclusive Smartline Set with German BR 10 Locomotive w/sound  

    Roco 62196

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany III DB 305mm
    Roco 62196 - Exclusive Smartline Set with German BR 10 Locomotive w/sound

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    Give your locomotives a workout!

    Experience your analog or digital locomotives like never before!

    SmartRail is the Perfect gift for the man or woman that has everything!!!

    At first glance you may think that the smartRail looks like another roller stand but it is much more than that!! Roco/Fleischmann's new "smartRail" is an incredible technical innovation that will impress model railroaders and everybody who likes gadgets. With smartRail you can run your digital or analog locomotives. The difference between a regular roller stand and "smartRail" is having the availability to run your locomotives from any smart phone or tablet. Also with smartRail all the wheels on the locomotive and tender move with the built in “treadmill”. Regular roller stands only put the powered wheels in motion leaving the non powered wheels at a standstill thus taking away from the realism of the locomotive. Another great feature "smartRail" has to offer is the ability to run analog DC and AC locomotives or Digital locomotives in DCC or Motorola format. "smartRail" also has built in controls by itself so you can run your models from the base.

    Most model railroaders keep their locomotives in display cases or in the closet. Over time the oil in the locomotives harden which can cause damage to the drivetrain and motors. If you don’t have a layout you should “exercise” your locomotives at least a few times a year, and with “smartRail” running your locomotives is easy and fun.


    A WORLD'S FIRST: Dynamic steam emission by Roco! Digitally controlled steam emission! Seemingly realistically long lasting smoke clouds. For the first time steam emerges from the cylinders as well.

    Model: The Roco 62193 German Express Locomotive Class 10 is a very large and impressive model.  It offers a great level of detail and incredible running performance.  Model has all wheel drive, both the locomotive and tender wheels and powered.  Roco equipped this model with a syncronized smoke and sound  system.  Model blows smoke from the smoke stack and cylinders, the smoke is syncronized to the sound and speed.   Besides the smoke and sound Roco installed lighting effects such as the illumination of the driving mechanism and driver's cab and a white/red light change can be activated separately on both sides of the locomotive via a PluX interface.  Roco also did an exceptional job on the paint livery and delicate pin stripping.  The BR10 is one of the most iconic German steam locomotives and no European Model Train collection is complete with out this impressive model.

    Model Features:

    • 5 Pole Can Motor with Flywheel
    • Metal Chassis
    • LED Directional lighting
    • PluX22 DCC recepticle
    • factory installed sound decoder
    • factory installed smoke units
    • NEM 362 Coupler Pocket
    • Era III 1956 – 1957 

    Prototype: The two locomotives of the 10 class were the last express steam locomotives designed and built for the Federal German Railroad.  With their powerful three cylinder power plant, they reached a top-speed of 140km/h (85mi/h), and delivered even more traction than the 01.10’s.  Albeit, they came too late, since as elsewhere, diesels had won the day.  In Germany, it was the V200 (also available from Roco), which doomed steam.  Providing the same power as a 10 class, the diesel was more reliable and cleaner.   Almost all Era III express cars will look good behind these locomotives, but the modeler should use mostly the modern 26.4m cars when modeling any era except the late 1950’s since these locomotives were the most powerful steam locomotives available.  Therefore, they appeared on the most important trains during the high point of their career.

    Reynauld’s Euro Imports will stock all the “smartRail” sets.

    Some sets are already in stock!

    Reserve one today!!

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