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    Roco 4 piece set 1: "Jaffa Express", ÖBB  

    Roco 6200026

    This is a 2024 New Item

    Price: $239.90
    Sale Price: $220.71

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Austria IV ÖBB 1088mm
    Roco 6200026 - 4 piece set 1: Jaffa Express, ÖBB

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era IV 
    Wagon set 1 with four "Schlieren" coaches as the standard set for the "Jaffa Express" of the Austrian Federal Railways. Consisting of one 1st class coach type Apo, one 2nd class "Stamperl" coach with buffet compartment type Bpoz and two 2nd class coaches type Bpo. - 1st class coach with straight doors and front end double lamps one above the other - Jaffa-1 paintwork: Livery features ivory-coloured skirts - With train destination signs "D 535 Wien Südbf – Villach" included - Suitable for electric locomotive 1042.645, items 7500023, 7510023, 7520023 Due to increased frequencies in interurban express train traffic, the class 4010 railcars were used more on the Western line from the introduction of the 1975 summer timetable onward. As a replacement for these trainsets, locomotive-hauled coach trains featuring what were then the modern "Schlieren" coaches were deployed on the Southern line. To be able to offer passengers a higher level of quality, the "Schlieren" coaches used in these trains were fitted with velour-upholstered seats instead of the previous artificial leather seating. Whereas already-existent coaches were retrofitted to become the 1st class coaches, the 2nd class coaches were initially mainly supplied straight out of the series 300 stocks being delivered from the factory at the time. These trainsets were supplemented with newly-procured coaches equipped for a mobile buffet service - the so-called "Stamperl" coaches - from the same series. It was decided that the outer appearance of these interurban express trainsets should also leave an impression. For this reason, the EMU 4010 was used as orientation for the paintwork on these coaches, except that instead of blue, they were painted in blood-orange to match the class 1042.5 which was to pull them. The coaches are marked "g. K." in train formation plans to signify that they are elevated comfort coaches. Such trains in their blood-orange and ivory livery proved highly conspicuous, and far more attractive than the previous shades of green paintwork predominantly used. They quickly received the nickname "Jaffa Express". Following delivery of the 1044.01 and 02, these two locomotives were also used on these routes.

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