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    REI German Horch Open Top 108 Kfz Personnel Carrier  

    REI REI00140

    Price: $109.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany II DRG 131mm
    REI REI00140 - German Horch Open Top 108 Kfz Personnel Carrier

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II 



    Prototype:  German army started in the mid 1930s the programme to provide the Wehrmacht with off-road vehicle on a standardised type of chassis (Einheist). The heavy category was reserved for cars determined by 3000 cc engine capacity or over. The main producer of these vehicles in Germany was the Horch-Auto Union. Cars of this type on the standardised chassis was perfectly engineered by Horch. A fantastic feature was the steerable rest axle which made the car very good manoeuvrable, but unfortunately this feature was complicated. In the otherwise similar vehicle - Horch 1b of 1940, this feature was dropped in favour of a conventional rest axle. The personnel carrier body (Kübel) was in pressed metal with spare wheel recesses and detachable doors. The eight cylinder V8 Auto Union/Horch 108 type engine produced 3823 cc and had an out of 81 HP at 3600 rpm. The gearbox gave five forward speeds and reverse. Length of the vehicle was 4850 mm and completed loaded weight was 4300 kg. Wheel arrangement was 4x4. Maximum speed on the road was 90 km per hour.The actual production period of the standard chassis was short, from 1937 to 1940, though the vehicles remained in service throughout WW II on all theatres, where Germany fought. In the Wehrmacht's ordnance inventory the Horch 108 was designated as Kfz 69, AA modification as Kfz 81. There were many different modifications of this vehicle. Because cars served throughout WW II, there were many variants of German camouflage. In Europe there was Panzer Grau (RAL 6006), while in Africa there was Sand. Panzer Grau was later replaced by Dunkelgelb (RAL 7058) with green or brown mottles.
    Cars were overpainted by whitewash in the winter conditions.

    Model:  Each REI Military model is professionally hand-painted and thus unique. You'll find such features as carefully painted roadwheels, wood decks, metalized tracks and MG barrels, and real wooden chocks, along with hand-tied ropes on the smaller vehicles. These vehicles carry authentic camouflage patterns, and each one is disassembled, masked, and airbrushed before being reassembled for the final touches.
    ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Our artist is a professional model builder and one of the world's premier commission scale model artists in North America. He is also former US Army paratrooper and has garnered over 300 awards for his work. He has published dozens of articles in numerous scale modeling magazines and has painted box art buildups for most of the world's leading scale model companies, his work is found in private collections around the globe.  This is a great opportunity to own a true piece of art by a master modeller.

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