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    REI Models Newfoundharbor Briefcase Layout  

    REI Models BC001

    Price: $4,399.95

    REI Models BC001 - Newfoundharbor Briefcase Layout

    Product Features and Details
    N Scale 

    Custom Built N-Scale Layout

    Introducing custom built layouts by our professional builder Torsten. This N-scale layout encapsulates the charm of Newfoundland's coastline. Nestled nearby, perched on sturdy pilings, you'll find the harbormaster's residence, a dock bustling with activity, a quaint bait shop, and a gracefully weathered boathouse, all leading to a focal point--the fish-canning facility that takes center stage in this immersive coastal landscape. After the switcher's freight cars are loaded, they commence their journey inland. The Minitrix track circles into a hillside landscape adorned by structures of American and European architectural styles. Soon, the switcher reappears, emerging from the tunnel to hug the rocky coastline in its return to the waterfront to collect another batch of freshly canned goods.

    The wooden case (32"x 24"x 8") that holds the layout is built for transportation, storage, and display. It's rich wood tones exude the rustic charm of recycled materials and the woodworking craft. To power the layout, simply connect an extension cord (not included) to the side inlet. The Marklin transformer provides 10V of maximum power, ensuring that the locomotive operates at an optimal, realistic speed. The space beneath the layout offers storage for rolling stock containers. A Neoprene foam insert with four compartments is provided for the storage of rolling stock without containers. Please note that the track curvature has a 195mm (7-11/16") radius and cannot accommodate long locomotives or cars (the tunnel and platforming were primarily shaped using a three-axle switcher).

    About the artist: Torsten Louis has recently joined the team at Reynauld's Euro Imports as an in-house modeler. A seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience as a scenographer in the entertainment industry, Torsten is now channeling his expertise towards catering to a discerning clientele by contributing to Reynauld's custom layouts, and crafting N and Z scale dioramas as collector's pieces.

    **There will be additional shipping charge due to the weight and size of the layout. It will range between $200-$450 based on location.

    Locomotive and cars included.

    Youtube Video Showcasing Layout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX7qmvPGGf8



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