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    REI Models 1900s Swiss Jura Simplon Express  

    REI Models L131952-1

    Price: $599.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Switzerland 1 SBB 700mm
    REI Models L131952-1 - 1900s Swiss Jura Simplon Express

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era 1 

    Set consists of one Liliput Swiss SBB B3/4 Steam Locomotive and Three Brawa BC4 Swiss Coaches.

    Locomotive Model Details:

    • Boiler Chassis and wheels made from die-cast metal
    • Motor with a flywheel in the locomotive traction tires
    • Close coupling mechanism between the locomotive and tender
    • Digital interface (21-pin NEM 660)
    • Prepared for the installation of sound decoders and speakers
    • NEM short couplings
    • Triple LED-headlights with the direction of travel
    • The recommended minimum radius of 360 mm

    Locomotive Prototype: Already in 1885 came at the major Swiss Private Railways Tender locomotives of type B 3/4 is used. The Series B 3/4 1301-1369 was built from 1905 to 1916 in the SLM for the SBB. The first locomotives were already a Schmidt superheater and spool. They had an operating weight of 95 tons with tender and a power output of 990 hp. Forwards they reached a top speed of  75 km / h and backward 45 km / h. Thanks to their good performance, the simple structure, and economic fuel consumption, this Lokserie has proven in the middle passenger and freight service. The last locomotives were scrapped in 1964, only the locomotive No. 1367 was obtained operational and is now owned by the SBB Historic.

    Brawa Passenger Cars: Brawa Passenger Car Models. Between 1855 and 1892, even privateSwiss rail companies, the predecessors of the SBB, purchased 4- axle vestibule cars based on the "American system".In 1902 when the Swiss state railway was founded, there were still about 300of these cars which were then taken over. In addition to third-class cars, the SBB also took over numerous mixed class cars of the 2nd and 3rd class category as well as luggage cars.

    • Tip bearing wheelsets
    • True-to-scale side frames
    • Completely lacquered wagon body, housing, and roof with soot marks
    • Handles and steps in lower-density materialBrawa Passenger Car Models. 
    •  Interior Lighting
    • Coupler pocket and close coupling
    • With interior fittings
    • AC pick-up can be retrofitted
    • Replacement wheelset for AC

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