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    REI Models German WWII Wehrmacht V2 Transport Set in Ambush Livery  

    REI Models 0032

    Price: $1,795.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany II DR 1268mm
    REI Models 0032 - German WWII Wehrmacht V2 Transport Set in Ambush Livery

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II PluX16 


    Prototype: In the early years of WWII, The German Wehrmacht military machine had overwhelmed most of Europe without much resistance.  The German DRB Rail Roads (Deutsche Reichsbahn) had an important logistical role in supporting the rapid movement of troops, tanks, vehicles and supplies of the Wehrmacht. In all the occupied countries, the Reichsbahn endeavored to incorporate the captured railways (rolling stock and infrastructure) into their system. Even towards the end of the war the Reichsbahn continued to move military formations. For example, in the last great offensive, the Battle of the Bulge (16 December 1944), tank formations were transported from Hungary to the Ardennes. In the campaigns against Poland, Denmark, France, Yugoslavia, Greece etc. the newly acquired standard gauge track networks were used without difficulty. In contrast, during the invasion of Russia on 22 June 1941, the transferring of troops and material proved far more difficult, as the Soviet broad gauge lines had to be used or converted to German standard gauge. The Red Army and Soviet railways managed to withdraw or destroy the majority of its rolling stock during its retreat, significantly obstructing the German’s plans. As a result, German standard gauge rolling stock had to be used for an additional logistical role within Russia; the laying of standard gauge track. The price was high: Reichsbahn railway staff and the railway troops of the Wehrmacht had to convert a total of 16,148 kilometers of Soviet track to German standard gauge track between 22 June and 8 October 1941.

    During the war, locomotives in the war zones were given camouflage liveries. In addition, locomotives were painted with the Hoheitsadler symbol (The eagle, Germany's traditional symbol of national sovereignty) holding a swastika. On goods wagons the name "Deutsche Reichsbahn" was replaced by the letters "DR". The logistics of the Reichsbahn were crucial to the performance of Germany's military offensives. The preparations for the invasion of Russia saw the greatest troop deployment by rail in human history.

    Model: This exquisite V2 transport train set was created by one our award-winning artists. Each REI Military model is professionally hand-painted and thus very unique, no two sets are alike. The set is hand painted in an intricate ambush camouflage. You will immediately notice details like the carefully painted wheels, weathered and painted decks, metalized tracks, real wooden chocks and many extra detailed parts. The V2 set was created with the use of a Roco BR 50 locomotive and cars from Brawa, Roco, Fleishmann and Piko. The locomotive is professionally painted in authentic camouflage patterns, and each one is disassembled, masked, and airbrushed before being reassembled for the final touches. You will appreciate features such as carefully attached armor plates, which can also easily be removed, painted wheels and under-frames, weathered boilers and steel Reichsbahn Eagles with authentic swastikas. The Roco BR 50 is a highly-detailed model which features interior cab details, prototypical "daylight" between boiler and chassis, finely detailed Heusinger valve gear, brake shoes between the wheels and much more. Model also has cast metal chassis, and a high quality can motor with flywheel.  Model runs extremely smooth because both the locomotive and tender wheels are powered.  Model is equipped with a PluX16 receptacle, NEM 362 coupler pockets and lights that change with the direction of travel. REI models are made in very small quantities so supplies are always limited.  This is a unique set that would make a great addition to any collection.

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