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    REE Modeles Model Train Class 141A of the NORD Railroad Depot "CREIL" (DCC Sound & Dynamic Smoke)  

    REE Modeles MB-155S

    This is a 2024 New Item

    Price: $679.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO France II NORD 270mm
    REE Modeles MB-155S - Model Train Class 141A of the NORD Railroad Depot CREIL (DCC Sound & Dynamic Smoke)

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II 21 Pin Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    REE Class 141: A Historical and Model Perspective

    Model Overview: REE MODELES, recognized as a premier producer of model trains, presents the exquisite PLM 141 "Mikado" locomotive model. Meticulously crafted with over 500 intricately detailed components, this model sets a new standard for realism and quality in French model trains. Notably, it features an all-metal construction, lending both durability and authenticity to the design. The model incorporates cutting-edge innovations, including DCC synchronized dynamic cylinder smoke and sound technology, which intricately replicates the steam emission from both the smoke stack and cylinders synchronized with the locomotive's speed and sound effects. Furthermore, the model boasts prototypical detailing such as 'daylight' between the boiler and chassis, crisp lettering, inset windows, brake shoes, and fully illuminated cab interiors, ensuring an unparalleled level of realism. Mechanically, the model excels with a high-performance Canon motor and gearbox, complemented by a fully functional, finely detailed metal valve gear. The locomotive's smooth running characteristics and superior performance are further enhanced by its powerful five-pole motor with flywheels, providing enthusiasts with an exceptional model railroading experience. Equipped with a 21-pin ESU 5.0 sound decoder and prototypical LED lights, the model offers dynamic lighting effects synchronized with the direction of travel, adding to its immersive appeal. Additionally, the model comes with NEM 362 close coupler pockets, ensuring compatibility with a variety of rolling stock options. Available in four HO versions, including analog, 2-Rail DC, Marklin 3-Rail AC, and Digital SOUND with Synchronized cylinder SMOKE, the REE Class 141 model caters to the diverse preferences of model railroaders, setting a new standard for authenticity, performance, and craftsmanship in the realm of model trains.

    Historical Background: Following World War I, the French PLM Railroad sought a robust locomotive capable of handling steep grades and heavy loads. In response, several French locomotive manufacturers were tasked with designing such a locomotive. The result was the development of the 2-8-2 "Mikado" locomotive, designated by the PLM as the 141C. Extensive trial runs confirmed the exceptional performance and power of these locomotives. Between 1919 and 1934, a total of six hundred and eight were built, predominantly in France by esteemed manufacturers including Schneider, SFCM Cail, Fives-Lille, and Blanc-Misseron, with an additional 20 crafted by SLM Winterhur in Switzerland. On January 1st, 1938, the 141Cs were seamlessly integrated into the SNCF.

    Evolution and Enhancement: Between 1942 and 1957, the class 141Cs underwent significant reconstruction, resulting in the creation of three additional classes: the 141D, 141E, and 141F. The 141D variant, totaling one hundred and twenty-four units, featured innovative boiler feed water heaters arranged laterally along the boiler. Meanwhile, the 141E variant, numbering two hundred and fifty-four, boasted large oval "Giesl" smokestacks and small wind deflectors. Finally, the 141F variant, comprising one hundred and ninety-five locomotives, was distinguished by a new chassis and front bissel, enabling it to achieve remarkable speeds, topping out at 105 km/h.

    Operational Excellence: The class 141 locomotives earned widespread respect for their reliability and versatility, serving across numerous depots in the Sud-Est and Méditerranée SNCF regions. Beginning in 1951, they expanded their reach to include depots in the Sud-Ouest region at Montluçon, Périgueux, and Capdenac. Their operational tenure extended until 1965 in the Méditerranée region, 1966 in the Sud-Est region, and 1969 in the Sud-Ouest region.

    The REE Class 141 stands as a testament to ingenuity and engineering excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the history of French rail transport.

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