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    REE Modeles Exclusive French "Le Train Blue" Pullman Orient Express Set A  

    REE Modeles MB-136S1

    Price: $1,239.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO France III SNCF 890mm
    REE Modeles MB-136S1 - Exclusive French Le Train Blue Pullman Orient Express Set A

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    Exclusive Pullmann "Le Train Blue" Orient Express Set. To create this exquisite set we used a Ree Modeles class 231 Pacific with larger "Nord" tender and and six coaches from Jouef.  All coaches are illuminted except for the baggage car.

    Locomotive Model:  We consider REE MODELES to be one of the finest producers of model trains on the market today, they have positioned themselves as the leader in French model trains.  The 231 pacific is a truly remarkable model. The model is highly detailed, constructed with over 500 intricate parts, and best of all, it is "ALL METAL". The class 231 model comes equipped with a number of innovations including DCC synchronized cylinder smoke and sound. The Locomotive actually blows smoke from the cylinders and the smoke stack, which is synchronized with the sound and speed of the locomotive. Model features prototypical ‘daylight’ between the boiler and chassis, high quality paint finish, crisp lettering, inset windows, brake shoes between the wheels, and full cab interiors with illumination. Mechanically, the model is excellent because it has a fully functional, finely detailed, metal valve gear and powerful 5 pole motor with flywheels mounted in the locomotive. Powered by three axles, the combination of the high-quality motor and gears, gives this model smooth running characteristics, and excellent performance. Ree uses ESU 5.0 sound decoders and prototypical LED lights, which are coordinated with the direction of travel. Model comes with NEM 362 close coupler pockets.


    Locomotive Model Highlights:

    Metal Chassis and boiler

    Over 500 separately applied and detailed parts

    High quality Canon motor and gear box

    LED Lighting

    ESU 5.0 factory installed sound decoder with dynamic cylinder smoke 


    Passenger Set Features: - Filigree etched CIWL logos and train signs - multicolored detailed interior fittings - table lamps - elaborate printing and painting - detailed chassis and roof structures - full Interior fittings.  All the coaches are fully illuminated except for the baggage coach.

    • Filigree etched CIWL logos and train signs
    • multi-colored detailed interior fittings
    • Table lamps with red shades
    • detailed chassis and roof structures
    • Fully Illuminated coaches except for baggage car.
    • NEM coupling with KKK for minimum buffer spacing when using a short coupling.

    Prototype History:

    In December 1883 the Orient Express Company also know as (Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-lits) launched the first luxury train linking Calais to the Mediterranean Sea under the name "Calais-Nice-Rome Express".  This successful train added more routes in 1887. One train was called "Rome-Express", which ran via Modane, and on the other trains was called "Calais-Méditerranée Express" whose name was kept until 1949.  In 1922 the Orient Express introduced the first Pullman sleeping cars, and in 1926 the first Pullman dining cars were introduced.  The “Calais-Méditerranée Express” train was also nicknamed the “Blue Train” by travelers.  From 1929, new luxury 1st class sleeping cars with one bed per compartment, 90 of which were built (type LX sleeping cars n° 3466 to n°3555) were used on the "Calais-Méditerranée Express" and confirmed the exceptional character of this luxury night train from the interwar period. The service resumed gradually after the Second World War. In June 1949, the section of the “Calais-Méditerranée Express” train originating in Paris was officially designated the “Train Bleu”. To respond to post-war traffic growth, the capacity of the LX sleeping cars was increased (from 1 bed to 2 beds per compartment).  At the same time, to increase catering capacity, an additional bar-lounge car resulting from the transformation of a Pullman type "Côte d'Azur" car without kitchen, was added to the restaurant car in 1951 on the "Train Bleu" . In the 1960s, sleeping cars of a more modern design (type P, U, MU and T2 sleeping cars) were gradually introduced into the composition of the "Train Bleu" and definitively replaced the type LX sleeping cars in winter. 1969. The dining car and the lounge bar disappeared in 1976. For the 1980/1981 winter service, couchette cars were added to the "Blue Train" along the entire route. The "Blue Train" then becomes a night train among the others.



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