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    REE Modeles Ree Models Hobbytrain 1920's Orient Exress Set  

    REE Modeles MB-0321s

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO France II PLM 1480mm
    REE Modeles MB-0321s - Ree Models Hobbytrain 1920s Orient Exress Set

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 


    Locomotive History: In the early 20th century, the French P.O. (Paris OrlÈans) Railroad was in desperate need of powerful locomotives for hauling express, and fast passenger trains. With the addition of new routes, the railway continued to expand, which significantly increased the number of travelers. In response to this massive growth, passenger coaches were increased in size and modernized, using newer metal structures and improved bogies. These new modern coaches were much heavier, which required faster and more powerful locomotives. The PO Railroad and the Alsatian Mechanical Construction Company (SACM) worked together to develop a new type of steam locomotive, with a 4-6-2 wheel configuration. The result of this collaboration was the iconic French class 231 "PACIFIC CLASS". The first prototypes appeared in 1907, and these early units become legendary among railway enthusiasts around the world.


    The French class 231s were also used by the PLM Railroad (Paris-Lyon + Marseille Saint-Charles), Nord, ETA and EST Railroads. Over a period of 60 years, many different variations were built. The class 231 was a four-cylinder compound locomotive, with two high pressure, and two low pressure cylinders. The locomotives were equipped with leading wheels, measuring 960mm in diameter, along with a trailing wheel, which measured 1,230 mm in diameter. The class 231 was 13.66 meters in length and weighed 56 tons. Mass production of the first 238 engines began in 1914. Several locomotive manufacturers were commissioned to build the class 231, including Fives-Lille, North British Locomotive Company, Schneider et Cie, and Batignolles-Chatillon. The class 231s remained in service until the late 1960s, and were considered by many experts as one of the best "PACIFIC" class locomotives ever built.


    Locomotive Model:  We consider REE MODELES to be one of the finest producers of model trains on the market today, they have positioned themselves as the leader in French model trains.  The 231 Class "Pacific" is a truly remarkable model. The model is highly detailed, constructed with over 500 intricate parts, and best of all, it is "ALL METAL". The class 231 model comes equipped with a number of innovations including DCC synchronized cylinder smoke and sound. The Locomotive actually blows smoke from the cylinders and the smoke stack, which is synchronized with the sound and speed of the locomotive. Model features prototypical ‘daylight’ between the boiler and chassis, high quality paint finish, crisp lettering, inset windows, brake shoes between the wheels, and full cab interiors with illumination. Mechanically, the model is excellent because it has a fully functional, finely detailed, metal valve gear and powerful 5 pole motor with flywheels mounted in the locomotive. Powered by four axles, the combination of the high-quality motor and gears, gives this model smooth running characteristics, and excellent performance. Ree uses ESU 4.0 sound decoders and prototypical LED lights, which are coordinated with the direction of travel. Model comes with NEM 362 close coupler pockets.  Four HO versions are available in both analog, 2-Rail DC, Marklin 3-Rail AC or with Digital SOUND and Synchronized cylinder SMOKE. 


    Model Highlights:


    Metal Chassis and boiler

    Over 500 separately applied detail parts

    High quality Canon motor and gear box

    LED Lighting

    ESU 4.0 factory installed sound decoder with dynamic cylinder smoke (Digital Versions Only)


    Coach Set Includes: one dining car, three sleeping cars & two Baggage Cars

    Model Features:

    • Filigree etched CIWL logos and train signs
    • multi-colored detailed interior fittings
    • Table lamps made of brass
    • Expensive printing and varnishing
    • detailed chassis and roof structures
    • Interior lighting for sleeping cars both for the gangway and compartment side as well as for dining trolleys already installed on the shop floor (3-axle car with power consumption for interior lighting prepared)
    • Indoor lighting with buffer memory and soldering interface for decoders
    • Minimum radius 250 mm. AC and DC version
    • NEM coupling with KKK for minimum buffer spacing when using a short coupling.
    • LiP: 3-axle trolley 143 mm / 4-axle trolley 233 mm

    History: The Vienna-Nice-Cannes-Express was a luxury train of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. From 1896 to 1939. This consist traveled between Vienna and the French-Italian Riviera, partly from Saint Petersburg. Due to its popularity with the Russian and Habsburger Hochadel he train received the nickname "Train of the Grand-Duc" before 1914. The CIWL introduced the train for the first time in the winter of 1896/97 to satisfy the demand of the European upper class, whose most important holiday destination was in the winter time the Riviera, outside of France and Great Britain.

    Like all CIWL luxury trains, the Vienna-Nice-Cannes-Express consisted solely of sleeping, dining and luggage cars. By 1914 these were the usual teak-wagons of the CIWL. In the model the complete 7-piece train with one class 241 locomotive, two luggage- three sleeping- and a dining car is realized. The targets of the sleeping car are authentically different. The sleeping and dining cars have interior lighting and outside as well as inside with numerous details and attachments.

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