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    Piko German Steam Locomotive BR 03 of the DB  

    Piko 50680

    Price: $321.29

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany IV DB 275mm
    Piko 50680 - German Steam Locomotive BR 03 of the DB

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era IV PluX22 


    Model: The new Piko BR03 is a very impressive model with exceptional running performance, new innovations, and extensive detail. The Model features a full cab interior, finely detailed and fully functional Heusinger valve gear, detailed spoked wheels, prototypical "daylight" between boiler and chassis, and more. The five-pole PIKO motor with flywheel ensures excellent driving characteristics. With the modern PluX22 DCC interface, retrofitting a decoder is very easy. A loudspeaker and a smoke generator can also be retrofitted with minimal effort. The directional-dependent LED lighting ensures prototypical illumination.  


    A striking characteristic of the locomotives in the PIKO Expert Plus range is the modern technical design and the attention to detail. The model has all the usual standards for the PIKO Expert Plus Series. Piko locomotives are among the best models on the market today, the detail and running performance are remarkable and all models are offered at competitive prices. Add a Piko locomotive to your collection today!!


    Model Details:

    • NEM 658 PluX22 DCC Interface
    • Minimum Radius 358mm
    • Coupling: NEM Pocket
    • Sound: Can be added with Piko Decoder PLuX22 Sound Decoder
    • Directional lights: White/Red Directional Change
    • A smoke unit can be added #56163


    Prototype History: The first plans of the DRG for standard-design locomotives foresaw only the steam engines BR 01 and BR 02. Both locomotives were meant for fast mainline express service, designed for trains with an axle load of 20 tons. The problem that the DRG ran into was that many of the routes were not suitable for trains that heavy. Rebuilding these routes would have taken too much time and money. After this realization, the DRG encouraged the locomotive manufacturers to build express steam engines with an axle load of 17.5 tons. With these specifications, the BR 03s were introduced. The BR 03s quickly replaced the old BR 17s (Prussian S10 family) and the BR 18s (Bavarian S3/6 family). The BR 03s were originally designed as four-cylinder steam engines, but the DRG finally chose the favorable two-cylinder version. Borsig delivered the first three prototype locomotives on July 8th, 1930. These locomotives had a boiler pressure of 14 bar and a cylinder diameter of 600 mm. When the BR 03s went into mass production they changed the boiler pressure to 16 bar and the cylinder diameter to 570 mm. From 1930 until 1938 two hundred ninety-eight steam engines of the series 03 were built and delivered by manufacturers Borsig, Henschel, Krupp, and Schwartzkopff. The design and performance were excellent and modifications to this series were minimal. These modifications included; the replacement of the brass firebox with iron, relocating the air pumps, and fitting them with 1000mm carrying wheels instead of old 800mm wheels. Apart from these modifications of the BR 03, different experiments were done on other versions of the 03 locomotives. One type of locomotive was the 03 154 which became partly streamlined and got a parabolic smoke box door. Another type was the 03 193 which was streamlined like the BR 05. And lastly, the 03 204 was only streamlined at the driving wheels. The BR 03s were a classic German Locomotive design and were considered by many locomotive enthusiasts as one of the premier German Express Locomotives. After World War II thirty-five BR 03 Pacifics went to Poland as war reparations, along with ten streamlined 03.10s. The Polish PKP Railroads re-classified them as Pm2. Locomotive number 34, can be seen at the railway museum in Warsaw. 

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