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    Piko German DB-AG Era VI Coach  

    Piko 40642

    Price: $42.49
    Sale Price: $37.39

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    N Germany VI DB AG 165mm
    Piko 40642 - German DB-AG Era VI Coach

    Product Features and Details
    N Scale Era VI 
    Model: It's no secret that the high-quality implementation of vehicles on a scale of 1: 160 is one of the supreme disciplines in model railway production. PIKO faced this challenge with the redesign of the shortened express train wagons of type 42 and passed it brilliantly. The elegant vehicles are superbly reproduced in N-Scale and close a large gap in the 1:160 scale vehicle fleet. The model impresses with its sharp and precise engravings, which develop a pleasantly three-dimensional effect, especially on the bogies and in the door area, and thus have a decisive influence on the harmonious appearance. An optional LED interior lighting provides additional atmosphere when installed; they can be retrofitted in just a few simple steps. This highly detailed Piko coach has full interiors and NEM coupler pockets. Coach can be retrofitted with interior lighting Piko #46293. Minimum radius 226mm Prototype: A family of coaches for local public transport operated by the German Federal Railroad is known colloquially as a Silberling. The vehicles owe their nickname to their stainless steel car body. Over 5000 copies were built between 1961 and 1980 and were to be found at DB Regio until the beginning of 2020. Most of the vehicles, which are often referred to as n-wagons according to their subsidiary symbols, were painted traffic red-light gray in the current Regio color concept after several modifications. An n-car is 26.4 meters long and is divided into three sections by two entry areas with double doors, in the case of 2nd class cars these are three large areas, mixed-class cars had five compartments of the 1st class in the middle section. There are different door variants on the driver's cab side of the control car; the original luggage compartments have been converted into multi-purpose areas for transporting bicycles. The n-cars were the most common vehicles in local traffic in Germany for almost five decades. Until well into the 1980s, they were even used as reinforcement cars for express trains, in interzonal traffic with the GDR, and in transit traffic to Berlin. Its star began to decline in the 2000s with the increased procurement of modern local railcars on the one hand and the purchase of double-decker cars on the other.

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