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    Piko American Steam Sound Kit, DC/DCC  

    Piko 36220

    Price: $201.59

    Scale Country
    G USA
    Piko 36220 - American Steam Sound Kit, DC/DCC

    Product Features and Details
    G Scale 

    About the Sound System: The heart of this loco is a state-of-the-art high-quality digital steam sound decoder developed exclusively for PIKO by SoundTraxx®. This sound decoder is “dual mode”, enabling enjoyment of the model’s numerous sophisticated features on either Analog DC or Digital / DCC operation. The sound decoder senses which kind of power is being supplied to it and responds automatically, with no switches to throw or connections to change.

    Sound System Effects: The sound system reproduces the real sounds of a steam locomotive with digital clarity. The system includes numerous sound effects. All effects are polyphonic, meaning they can all operate at the same time with no loss of sound quality or volume. On Analog DC operation, these effects are automatic, plus bell and grade crossing whistle signals can also be triggered by track magnets, such as PIKO #35268. On Digital / DCC operation, individual effects are either automatic or controlled by the user.

    Steam Exhaust Chuff, Whistle - Proper forward, reverse, stop and grade crossing whistle signals, Bell – Proper bell signal as loco starts to move, Air Pump, Blower, Brake Squeal, Brake Release, Dynamo, Steam Release, Coal Shoveling (For coal-fired locos. Factory default is set to “on”, but can be turned off using a Digital system, for both Analog DC and Digital / DCC operation)

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    Product Reviews

    straightforward installation in Saddletank loco February 15, 2020  Rating: 4
    By Lyn
    I installed this in a new Piko 38207 2-6-0 saddletank D&RGW steam loco for digital sound (following a excellent Piko America online video step by step. As the video warned me, it was a somewhat tight fit and required making my own wiring harness of sorts. Piko could have tossed a few connectors in to make it easier. But I was warned and ready so it really wasn't much trouble.) I was a bit hesitant with the small Visaton FRS-5 speaker, but it is doing very well.
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