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    Noch Layout "Bergün"  

    Noch 83860

    Price: $454.99

    Scale Dimensions
    N 125x60x34cm
    Noch 83860 - Layout Bergün

    Product Features and Details
    N Scale 

    Specially made for the summit billowing trains of the Rhaetian Railway, we present to you this new layout design. The ideal train is the Glacier Express. This small prefabricated site has it all, because nowhere else is there so much track on so little space, with an impressive array of mountains and valleys, with gradients of up to 5%.

    Included:  Basic preformed layout system; hand-colored and covered with grass - Mounted on a sturdy wooden frame - Pre-cut tunnel entrances - Laser Cut Bridge Kit »Argentina bridge" (Item No. 62830) - Foam quarry stone viaduct (Item No. 34860) - Track Plan for KATO Unitrack - KATO-track package  (#79840) for Landscape Layout "Bergruen" - DVD Guide »Landscape Layout"

    Dimensions: 125 x 60 cm, 34 cm high

    This is a limited Introductory 2014 Toyfair Price, so reserve yours now.

    Dimensions: 125 x 60 cm, 34 cm

    Track & Trains Not Included

    Available Kato Track bundle 7079840. https://www.reynaulds.com/products/Noch/7079840.aspx


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