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    Noch Layout "Silvretta"  

    Noch 80100

    Price: $2,468.70

    Scale Dimensions
    HO 2200 x 1400 x 520 mm
    Noch 80100 - Layout Silvretta
     Track Plans

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale 

    NOCH Preformed Layouts are a simple way to create a beautiful layout quickly and easily.  By visiting our NOCH section you can find a wide range of preformed layouts to choose from in various scales. You don't need special skills to create a beautiful layout because Noch layouts make it so easy. NOCH Preformed Layouts can be built up in a short time some can be built in less than 10 hours. The layouts come with a nice wooden frame, bridges and partial landscaping. Track plans are included, but you can also download them for free. Structures, track and trains are not included. 

    Layout section include:

    • Hand colored and grassed basic system
    • Mounted on sturdy base frame
    • Built Tunnel documents
    • Bridge kit Track plans for the following systems: Märklin metal, plastic Märklin, Marklin C-Track, Fleischmann model, Fleischmann Profi, Roco geoLine, Trix C Track.
    • Also suitable for building in TT, but thre are no track plans are available.
    • DVD Troubleshooter Landscape Layout

    *** Please Note:  Layouts are large so the shipping cost average is usually between $200 and $450 dollars.

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    Product Reviews

    Noch Silvretta Layout December 06, 2016  Rating: 5
    By Frank
    Outstanding !!! Fits perfect on the compatible Noch Aluminum Stand/Frame. Layout looks larger than I thought, even though I already knew the dimensions. Just beautiful ! Thank You !
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