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    Micro Metakit Czechoslovakian Steam Locomotive Series 523 of the CSD  

    Micro Metakit 12743H

    Price: $2,595.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Czechoslovakia II CSD
    Micro Metakit 12743H - Czechoslovakian Steam Locomotive Series 523 of the CSD

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II 

    Product Features and Details


    Series 523 Freight- and heavy Passenger Train Locomotive of the CSD

    Czechoslovakian Railroad, Series 523.0, Number 523.029; constructed by the Wiener Neustadt Lokomotiven Werke in 1903. Locomotive is equipped with compound drive, vaccuum brakes and carbide lanterns. Tender Style: 414.0 Nr.: 414.038 ex. 76.150. State of Construction: 1930; color scheme: black-black.

    The locomotives of series 180 were constructed by Karl Gölsdorf and delivered to the kkStB starting in 1900. They were the first practical 0-10-0s in the world. Nothing was more natural than to develop also this series as a superheated steam locomotive with Schmidt smoke tube superheater system . From 1909 to 1918, the new series 80 was supplied in large numbers to the kkStB. The boiler of this locomotive sat relatively high as it was on the 180 series. This was done to locate the fire box detached from the frame. The fourth axle was also used as the drive axle. By and large, only the most necessary changes were made to create the new series 80. First, they delivered 36 locomotive with composite system. These had piston valves on the high pressure side and flat sliders on the low pressure side. This arrangement did not turn out adventageously, because the steam was too hot for the flat sliders and they wore out too fast. Therefore they changed the drive system to the effect that now piston valves were installed on both sides of the engine. Even this arrangement was not entirely satisfactory, so that they ordered, starting in 1911, besides composite engines also pure twin locomotives in large numbers. The series 80 had an output of 1180 PSi at a boiler pressure of 14 bar. The service and adhesive weight of the locomotive without tender was 68 tons. The royal and imperial private Südbahngesellschaft operated eight engines in twin design, which after 1918 went to the FS (Italian Railroad)(group 475/476). The Südbahn versions differed only in some details from those of kkStB. Between 1919 to 1922 the BBÖ purchased 20 additional twin locomotives. Five of them received a Lentz valve control. The BBÖ had a total of 213 locomotives of this series in operation. The Wiener Neustadt Locomotive Werks built in 1919 a large number of locomotives with low pressure flat sliders, but, apart from one machine, all of them were exported. Until 1918 160 composite and 421 twin machines were ordered by the kkStB, but after the WW I, 178 of them were immediately transferred to railroads of the successor states of the Austriam Empire. Breitfeld Danek in the Czech Republic continued to built the hot steam version. Even before 1918 locomotives of series 80 were delivered to railroads abroad. So, after 1918 they were not only used by the railway companies of the successor states of the Habsburg monarchy (PKP [Poland]series TW12, FS [Italy]group 475/476, JDZ [Jugoslavia]Series 28, CSD [Czechoslovakia] Series 524.0, CFR [Romania]number 50.0, the MAV [Hungary]series 520.5), but also in France and Greece. Ten units have been sold by the BBÖ even to Persia. The German Reichsbahn arranged her 80's since 1938 as BR 57.1, 57.2 and 57.4. The last locomotive ÖBB (twin type) was scrapped in 1968.

    Model: Micro-Metakit's new class 523.0 is a highly detailed handmade work of art. The model has a tremendous amount of details, it features a functional boiler hatch, full cab interior, brake shoes, sand hoses and a replicated braking system.  Model also has sprung loaded puffers.  The class 523.0 comes equipped with a high efficiency Faulhaber type brushless motor so the running performace is incredible. Model is produce in very small quantites so it is very limited!

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