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    Micro Metakit German Steam Locomotive BR 14.1 of the DRG  

    Micro Metakit 08104H

    Price: $2,995.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Germany II DRG
    Micro Metakit 08104H - German Steam Locomotive BR 14.1 of the DRG

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II 


    Micro-Metakit's model is completely functional and highly detailed just like the prototype. The model has a functional 4 cylinder drive system, the two inner pistons and crank shafts are functional and move in unison with the outer two pistons and drive rods. For a model this is a remarkable accomplishment. It also features a brushless, ironless "Faulhaber" motor, full cab interior, functional boiler hatch with inner boiler details and removable roof. Superior running characteristics. Fully recreated brake system on the locomotive and tender. Locomotive is handmade in brass, nickel silver and stainless steel.


    Class  BR 14.1 express-train locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn

    Deutsche Reichsbahn DRG, BR 14.1; Service Number: 14.152 Depot: Ludwigshafen am Rhein
    Constructed by J. A. Maffei, Factory number 2463,built in 1922 in Munich, 2B1-h4V express train locomotive, Tender 2’2’T20,
    Painted in olive-green, reddish brown and black.

    Until 31.12.1908 the Palatinate railways existed as an independent railway company in the left Rhine part of Bavaria. She was integrated into the Royal Bavarian State Railways starting with the 1.1.1909. At this time the Palatinate Railways has been the largest private railway company in Germany with 870 km of tracks, such as Ludwigshafen-Neustadt-Kaiserslautern-Saarbrücken, Lauterburg-Speyer-Ludwigshafen and Wörth-Winden-Landau-Zweibrücken. The Palatinate Railways had an important position within the German east-west and north-south traffic. A mighty competitor was the Badenian railways on the right hand side of the Rhine. Therefore existed a strong need for fast and powerful express train locomotives similar to the Bavarian S 2/5, S 3/5 and the Badenian IId. A 2´B1´ Atlantic type was ordered at Maffei locomotive works in Munich. These new P4 engines were equipped with a four-cylinder compound engine and an American style sectional framework. The major problem of the P4 was her low axle weight of only 16 tons. Therefore acceleration of heavy trains caused more and more problems for these locomotives. The first series was equipped with a Pielock super heater, which had to be removed soon because of corrosion, the locomotives of the second series were delivered as wet-steam engines. In 1905/06 the first lot of 11 locomotives were delivered. Four of them still had a name („Pfälzerwald, No. 289, „v.Frauendorfer“, No. 290, „v.Ulmer“ No. 291, „Neukastel“, No. 133). The color scheme in 1905/06 was purple-violet/black/red with red lines. After the integration of the Palatinate railways into the Royal Bavarian State Railways their coloring was step by step assimilated to the typical Bavarian green. Because of her minor power they were replaced with the new S 3/6 before WW I. The locomotives were nearly run down during the French occupation after 1918, therefore the Reichsbahn decided to take out of service all of the P4s. Ten engines were assigned to the series BR 14, but all were scrapped soon after this in 1925. A 1:10 model of the “v.Fraundorfer” is displayed at the German Museum/Munich traffic exposition.

    Technical details of the Palatine P4: Length: 18,712 mm;  Weight: 74,3 Tons, Axle Weight: 16.Tons;  Maximum Speed: 100km/h Driving Wheel Diameter 2,010 mm;  Lead Truck Diameter 960mm; Rear Truck Diameter1,216 mm

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