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    Micro Metakit Bavarian CIII Steam Locomotive  

    Micro Metakit 06101H

    Price: $2,495.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Germany I K.Bay.Sts.B
    Micro Metakit 06101H - Bavarian CIII Steam Locomotive

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I 

    This version of the Bavarian CIII is the most collectible, it is actually called "BAVARIA"

    Prototype Bavarian Version:  The standard variant of the C III was developed from the C II. A total of 239 examples were built, which varied somewhat in their dimensions. For example, the third batch had a boiler diameter 30 mm greater than the others. The locomotives taken over by the Reichsbahn were to have been given the numbers 53 7871–7990.  However these locomotives were retired by 1925. Several engines were sent to Belgium as WWI war reparations.

    Austrian Version:  These locomotives originally built for Hungary were acquired by the firm of Sigl, because new locomotives were urgently ordered for goods services. Following a subsequent exchange of the boiler they were identical with other vehicles of this class apart from their overall weight. The locomotives taken over by the Reichsbahn were to be given the numbers 53 7831–7833 but were retired by 1925.

    These engines were coupled with Bavarian 3 T 8,95 and 3 T 10,5 tenders.

    The vehicles were coupled with Bavarian 3 T 12 tenders.

    Model:  The CIII is a very attractive Bavarian Steam Locomotive! We saw this model in February at the toy fair and words cannot describe its beauty. The Era I "BAVARIA" version is the most popular and exquisite version.  Model is highly detailed, colorful, and the number of separately applied parts are truly amazing. The model like the prototype has an open sprung loaded frame with two inner cylinders that move front to back.  When running the model you can view the intericate assemply.  We already received a large amount of reservations for the CIII so order yours soon before they sell out! Model will be equipped with a brush-less can motor with flywheel, full cab interior, spring loaded buffers and extensive outer detail.  Limited Model only 70 Made World Wide

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