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    Micro Metakit Austrian Royal Kaiser Railway Class 170  

    Micro Metakit 01700H

    Price: $2,695.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Austria I kkStB
    Micro Metakit 01700H - Austrian Royal Kaiser Railway Class 170

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I 

    Prototype: The old Austro-Hungarian steam locomotive class 170 was initially designed and developed by Karl Gölsdorf in 1897. Until the end of the production cycle shortly after World War I, no less than 796 units were built, making it the most numerously produced Austro-Hungarian design. As a hard-working 2-8-0, the class 170 was specifically geared towards all the many mountain lines around Central Europe, working in Austria especially on the Arlberg, the Brenner and the Semmering. After WWI the majority of the locomotives went to the different national successor companies, such as the BBÖ in Austria, as well as the Czechoslovak State Railways (CSD). The CSD even continued the manufacture of the class in the early 1920s and modified 345 units to use super-heated steam. In Czechoslovakia the locomotives were correspondingly classified as 434.0, 434.1 and 434.2. It is a testament to the quality and simple reliability of Gölsdorf´s original concept, that the CSD used the class in regular service until 1980! Today the museum locomotives 434.1100 and 434.2186 remain in operational condition for preservation purposes and nostalgic rides around Central Bohemia. 434.0170 is being restored in Jaromer!


    In Austria the driving axle of 170.484 was saved in 1990 by Eduard Sassmann and put in a place of honor at the entry to the ÖBB operations center in Wien Nord. Since that former shed was reduced to rubble, the driving axle was once again saved from the scrap yard and re-located to the Südbahn-Museum in Mürzzuschlag in March 2010. The locomotive 170.484 itself was built in 1917 in Wiener Neustadt. After World War II the kkStB class 170 became classified as Baureihe 56 by the ÖBB:


    Model: Micro Metakits class 170 is handmade in brass; it features full cab interior, functional boiler hatch with full boiler details and a brushless, ironless bell motor. This model is a masterpiece and it features too many technical and optical details to list.

    Please keep in mind that quantities are extremely limited, we recommend you not to wait too long because they will sell fast. Micro Metakit will produce five versions; a total of only 300 will be made. We expect to take delivery sometime in July 2010.

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