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    Micro Metakit High Pressure Steam Locomotive HO2  

    Micro Metakit 01300H

    Price: $3,495.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Germany II DRG
    Micro Metakit 01300H - High Pressure Steam Locomotive HO2

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II 

    PROTOTYPE: The DRG H 02 1001 was a remarkable high-pressure steam locomotive which was built by the engineering firm of Schwarzkopff to the design of Dr L. Löffler. The aim was not only to improve fuel economy?the usual reason for adopting high steam pressures but also to increase the amount of power that could be produced within the German loading gauge.

    The H02-1001 locomotive was the only example of the Schwarzkopff-Löffler high-pressure boiler system, a complex technology in which heat was extracted from the firebox by tubes filled with steam rather than boiling water. It was delivered in 1930 to the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRG). Schwarzkopff guaranteed in the purchase contract a coal saving of 42% over a standard 01 locomotive design, but in the event the DRG never bought the locomotive.

    Steam was delivered at no less than 1750 lbf/in² (105 kp/cm²) to two very small outside cylinders of 220 mm diameter. These were compounded with a single 600 mm LP inside cylinder. The wheel arrangement was 4-6-2.

    After extensive trials it was found that any increase in efficiency was small compared with the greatly increased maintenance costs.

    MODEL: This was one of the first experimental locomotive that Micro-Metakit produced and we feel it was one of their best models. The HO2 has extensive detail more than just about any other Micro Metakit model. The HO2 is handmade in brass; it features full cab interior, functional boiler hatch with full boiler details and a brush-less, ironless bell shaped motor. This model is a masterpiece and it features too many technical and optical details to list. Please keep in mind that this model was produced about 10 years ago and it is extremely rare only 90 were made worldwide. We only have one to sell, model is in perfect condition and comes in original packaging with certificate and white gloves.

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