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    Marklin German Diesel Locomotive Class V 320 of the DB (Sound) - INSIDER MODEL  

    Marklin 39320

    Price: $617.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC HO Germany III DB 264mm
    Marklin 39320 - German Diesel Locomotive Class V 320 of the DB (Sound) - INSIDER MODEL

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era III Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class V 320 heavy diesel locomotive, for use in high-quality passenger transport on the Allgäubahn. Located in Bw Kempten. Original design in purple ground color. Locomotive number V 320 001. Operating status around 1965.

    Model: With digital decoder mfx + and extensive sound and light functions. 2 speakers for optimal locomotive sound reproduction. Regulated high-performance drive with flywheel installed centrally. Two axles in each bogie powered by cardan. Traction tires. Depending on the direction of travel, the three-light peak signal and two red taillights operate conventionally, digitally switchable. Peak signal on locomotive side 2 and 1 each separately digitally switched off. Double-A-light function. Driver's cab lighting and engine room lighting each separately digitally switchable. Lighting with maintenance-free warm white and red light emitting diodes (LED). 4 movable fan wheels, each powered by a motor and separately digitally switchable in pairs. Different speeds of the fan wheels possible. Set handles on the side and frontal of metal. Detailed buffer pile. Attachable main air lines, heating cables and coupling hoses are included. Length over buffer 26.4 cm.


    • Complete redesign.
    • Largest and most powerful diesel locomotive of the German Federal Railroad.
    • Chassis and construction of the locomotive largely made of metal.
    • Movable fan wheels in pairs digitally switchable.
    • Driver's cab lighting and engine room lighting digitally switchable.
    • decoder mfx + with a variety of light and sound functions.

    The giant of the Allgäubahn. The Myth V 320 for the first time as a Mäklin H0 model. Powerful 26.4 centimeters for your model railway layout. Even in the front view, the V 320 001 looks powerful. It was the largest, fastest and most powerful diesel locomotive of the German Federal Railroad. All photographs show the first hand pattern of this extremely colossal model. One of their regular victories is the D96 "Isar-Rhone". An impressive overall set with over 240 centimeters.

    V 320 001 with D 96 "Isar-Rhone" Already in 1956 the company Henschel began on its own account, but in cooperation with the BZA Munich with the construction of the largest and most powerful diesel-hydraulic locomotive in Europe. In developing this giant, Henschel was able to draw on valuable experience with export locomotives. Incidentally, the V 320 001 used the proven method of installing two 1,900 hp V 160 engines in the large machine. Completely new, however, were the three-axle bogies. The wheelsets were given the unusually large diameter of 1,100 mm in view of the maximum speed of 160 km / h. By a switchable at standstill switching device could either the combination of high speed (160 km / h) with less traction (fast trains) or low speed (100 km / h) at high tractive force (freight trains) are given. The modern, edgy design of their front panels was trend-setting for all subsequent DB diesel locomotives. The proud 23-meter length, the thick fuel tanks on the underside of the frame and a large number of movable ventilation grille gave her a reptilian grace, behind which the two engines sounded. With their distributed on six wheelsets 122 tons of iron and steel you could call them quite a monster - but a really nice monster! Due to the high capacity utilization of Henschel, the V 320 001 could only be delivered in 1962. The machine initially made extensive test and test drives. From 1963 she came as a rental locomotive in the existence of the DB and drove initially at Bw Hamm. In 1965, the V 320 moved to Kempten and promoted mainly heavy express trains between Munich and Lindau. It quickly proved to be very suitable for the heavy international express trains and the operating service was full of praise for its power reserves. One of their regular missions was the D 96 "Rhone-Isar" Munich - Lindau - Zurich - Geneva with mostly eight wagons towing capacity. Both DB and SBB offered their most modern car material. The DB provided three genera of 26.4 m wagons acquired only in 1961/63, namely a AB4üm-63 (1st / 2nd class compartment car), two or three B4üm-63 (2nd class compartment cars) and a half-feeder vehicle BRbu4üm- 61 (2. Class) available. The SBB responded with their unit wagon of type I (EW 1) in lightweight steel construction with two B-cars (2nd class), an A-car (1st class) and a baggage car of the row D. 1974 ended the DB with the tenancy the V 320 (from 1968: BR 232) and gave it back to the factory. Henschel subjected the machine to a main inspection and sold it to the Hersfelder Kreisbahn in April 1976, where it was used until 1988. Then the locomotive came to the Teutoburg Forest Railway (TWE). After her deadline in 1992, she disappeared to Italy to earn her gracious bread in the construction service. Thus, the fate of this highly interesting machine seemed sealed, but in 1999 was carried by the track construction company WIEBE the spectacular import back to Germany. After elaborate work-up and the installation of new engines, she drove on German rails again since March 2000, then called 320 001-1 (WIEBE 7), until 2015, a wheelset bearing damage ended their use forever. Since 2017, it enriches the manufacturer's plant in Kassel (now Bombardier) as a visual object.

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