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    Marklin Marklin my world - Harbor Logistics Starter Set (Sound)  

    Marklin 29342

    Price: $80.47

    Scale Dimensions
    HO 550 mm
    Marklin 29342 - Marklin my world - Harbor Logistics Starter Set (Sound)

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    The Powerful Logistics Pro
    The ship is at anchor in the harbor and is waiting for your load. Whether it is autos or containers: Thanks to the powerful "Vectron" electric locomotive, you transport your freight with the freight train fast punctually to the loading station. The ocean giant has hardly reached its destination, and your freight train is bringing all of the goods for the final destination.

    Prototype: Freight train consisting of an electric locomotive, a container transport car loaded with two 20-foot containers and an auto transport car loaded with two autos.


    • Operation easy as child's play thanks to the M�rklin Power Control Stick
    • Fast recharging with the rechargeable battery and the USB charging cable
    • 3-part train with a length approximately 55 cm / 21-5/8"
    • Modern electric locomotive with different sounds and lights
    • Sheet of stickers with different labels for the locomotive
    • Containers for loading
    • Auto transport car with a hinged loading ramp
    • Autos for additional play options

    Model: The locomotive has a battery drive and a magnetic coupler on the back. The motor, rechargeable battery and all of the electronics are not accessible to children. The locomotive can be recharged with the charging cable included with the set. The locomotive has 3 speed levels in forward and reverse as well as 3 sound functions and dual headlights. These can all be controlled using the infrared locomotive controller designed for children. The container transport car and auto transport car have magnetic couplers. The sturdy containers are designed for children and they can be opened and loaded. A permanent piece of metal in the containers allows magnetic loading, using the 72223 harbor crane and freight ship. The auto transport car has a hinged loading ramp at one end of the car. Two autos are included as a load. Train length 55 cm / 21-5/8".
    Contents: 14 sections of curved plastic track, 12 sections of straight plastic track, 1 left turnout, 1 right turnout, and a handy wireless infrared M�rklin Power Control Stick. A USB charging cable and 2 each AAA batteries are included. In addition, a sheet of stickers is included with different railroad companies and stickers for the theme of harbor logistics for putting on the locomotive. This set can be expanded with the plastic track from the M�rklin my world assortment.

    A harbor crane and freight ship are available under item number 72223 to go with the theme world of harbor logistics. Ideal expansion is with the 44110 auto transport car.


    Please Note:  We will include the correct power supply depending on where we shipped the starter set.  If we ship to any North American address it will include 110 volt transformer.  If we ship to a Europen address it will include the 220 volt transfomer and so on.

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