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    LS Models Tee Ram "Edelweiss" Express Train Set  

    LS Models 17501

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC HO Switzerland IV SBB 1212mm
    LS Models 17501 - Tee Ram Edelweiss Express Train Set

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era IV Includes a digital decoder 

    Model: Swiss TEE Edweiss set consists of one locomotive, one driving trailer and two coaches.  Set is high detail with full interiors and directional red/white lighting.  Locomotive is very heavy and comes equipped with a powerful can motor with flywheels. This was a very limited set which will never be made again because the producer "Modern Gale" is no longer in business and the tooling was lost.

    Prototype:  In planning the launch of the TEE services, it was decided to use diesel-powered fixed sets for the new trains. While the French and the Italians refined existing designs, the Germans introduced a new design, the VT 11.5. The Swiss and Dutch railways cooperated on a joint development for a new 4-car Ram diesel-electric trainset.

    The design comprised:

    • A power car with compartments for luggage, customs and the train conductor.
    • A nine-compartment trailer car (54 seats)
    • A kitchen-restaurant trailer car with a 32-seat dining section, and an 18-seat first-class open saloon
    • A driving trailer car with 42-seat open saloon, and a staff sleeping compartment.

    The power cars were built by Werkspoor, with electrics by Brown, Boveri & Cie; they were powered by a pair of RUHB 1,000-metric-horsepower (740 kW; 990 hp) diesel engines. A third diesel engine of 300 metric horsepower (220 kW; 300 hp) provided power for heating, lighting, air-conditioning and the kitchen in the dining car.

    The trailer cars were built by Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG); the design was based on the SBB's standard carriage design (Einheitswagen I) due to the short time available for design and construction. Only one entrance vestibule was provided at the front end of the cars, doors were of the folding aluminum type, and windows were double-glazed with a passenger-operated venetian blinds between the panes.

    The sets were equipped with Scharfenberg couplers, and were geared for a maximum speed of 140 km/h (87 mph).

    They were painted in the TEE colours of dark red (RAL 3004 purpurrot) and cream (RAL 1001 beige). Ownership of the sets was down-played in favour of the service – the restaurant cars having TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS lettering above the windows, while the owner (SBB-CFF-FFS or NS) and fleet number were only marked by small lettering on the power cars

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