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    Kato HobbyTrain Lemke Early 1900's Wood Sided Orient Exress Set (Digital)  

    Kato HobbyTrain Lemke H22100-1

    Price: $419.95

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    N Various I Various 202mm
    Kato HobbyTrain Lemke H22100-1 - Early 1900s  Wood Sided Orient Exress Set (Digital)

    Product Features and Details
    N Scale Era I 

    For the first time in N-Scale Hobbytrain will produce an early 1900's wood sided Orient Express set.. 

    The luxury trains of the early 1900's CIWL (Orient Express) consisted usually of one baggage car in the front and one in the back, a dining car and two sleeper cars. The Ostende (Belgium)-Vienna (Austria) Express started operation on June 1st of 1894. There was a daily train between Ostende and Vienna via Brussels, Frankfurt, Würzburg, Nuremberg, Passau, Linz and Vienna. The idea behind this train was to give mostly British travelers a direct connection to South Europe. Even the train was called Ostende-Vienna Express it ended actually in Budapest. This Express consisted of an extensive fleet of 23 sleepers, 7 diners and 15 baggage cars. In 1895 they added a special car going to Karlsbad and 2 cars going to Triest and Constanta.

    The cars were cladded with teak wood on the outside and the sleeping and dining cars had extremely luxurious interiors. There was no other train in the world which showed this kind of luxury.

    Models on the Orient Express cars are always a challenge in design and production. Hobbytrain chose cars which have never been realized as a production model before. These cars are a must for every collection and we are sure that you will enjoy these beautiful teak-wood carriages. The set are very limited and numbered.

    These models are manufactured to the highest standards in license and with the approval of the Wagons Lits Diffusion France.

    Model Features:

    Filigree etched CIWL logos and destination boards

    Multicolored detailed interiors

    Elaborate paintwork and printing

    Highly detailed undercarriage and roof

    Sleeping cars and dining car fitted with LED interior lighting 



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