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    Kato HobbyTrain Lemke KLV 12 DB Draisine "Bahnmeisterei 1955 - 1997  

    Kato HobbyTrain Lemke H14530

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    System Scale Country Era Railway
    AC HO Germany III Private
    Kato HobbyTrain Lemke H14530 - KLV 12 DB Draisine Bahnmeisterei 1955 - 1997

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era III Includes a digital decoder 

    Hobbytrain H14530 KLV 12 Sidecar

    Model: Hobbytrain's little diesel trolley sidecar is a very impressive model with exceptional running performance. The model is finely detailed and is nicely painted with crisp lettering. Model is equipped with a factory installed digital decoder and a smooth running motor. This model would be great for any layout. The manufacturer offers several versions of this model so add one to your collection today.

    Model Details:

    • Factory installed Marklin AC digital decoder
    • Efficient and smooth running motor
    • Quality paint finish and crisp letter

    Prototype: The Klv 12 trolley sidecars were produced for route inspections and maintenance services for railway facilities (eg signaling and telecommunications installations). The Klv 12 had an operating weight of 1500 kg and a payload of 750 kg, which deviates from these specs within the different production groups; the Klv 11 are generally about 200 kg heavier.

    The Deutsche Bundesban (German Federal Railroad) purchased these trolley sidecars in large quantities; the Klv 12’s were given the nickname "office’s trolleys".

    The first batches of Klv 12’s were built in 1953 by three manufacturers, a total of 35 vehicles were built in the first batch. In 1954 the German Federal Railway ordered another 30 units and they were fitted with a VW body and they were classified as the KLV 20’s. Using VW proved to be advantageous because of the mass-production technology used by the automotive industry. The Klv 12’s were placed in service in 1955 and procured in large numbers for DB departments throughout the country until 1962. The track cars were referred to as Klv 12-4301 to Klv 12-4999. In the years 1958-1961 a total of 79 additional Klv 12’s and Klv 11’s were ordered, which, however, were very different from the first delivery in 1953. An external feature like four side doors were added. Between the years 1958-1962 the Klv 12’s were ordered in large numbers, a total of 696 units were produced. These units were referred to as Bahnmeister track cars, these new units had two side doors and a rear door. Today only 5 remain and they were completely preserved.


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