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    KM1 Rheingold Five Coach Set  

    KM1 202807

    Price: $16,995.00

    Scale Country Era Railway
    I Germany II DRG
    KM1 202807 - Rheingold Five Coach Set

    Product Features and Details
    I Scale Era II 

    The Rheingold Express

    From May 1928 between the Netherlands and Switzerland used ''Rheingold-Express'' FFD 101/102 employed the German Reichsbahn special rolling stock. In contrast to the ''normal'' FD-trains began to set any one of several seating and a dining car, but procured especially comfortable lounge car, which contained some of the kitchen. In all cars could thus be served at your seat. The saloon car was at 23.5 m in length, the longest then German coaches, with 50 to 57.2 tonnes, the heaviest. The 19.68 m long trolley were based on the D-type Zuggepäckwagen the 1928th The distinctive style of the campaign was reflected in the Paint: The car body of the car seat was violet, cream in the window. The top rails were painted gold and black, gold pinstripes too. Beams and bogies were black, the silver-colored roof. The superstructure of the baggage car was painted completely purple. The interior of the hall included Erstklasswagen rooms or small compartments to 2 or 4 seats. The 1.40 m wide window allowed a good view of what was on the Rhine route certainly highly attractive. The second-class carriage contained two hall rooms with built-upholstered chairs, the window width was 1.20 m. Here Tables were available in both classes, who possessed all of switches for table lamps. With the outbreak of war was the ''Rheingold-Express'' set for luxury trains no longer need existed.

    The Models: Handcrafted precision model brass, original screw couplings can be replaced by dog clutches, spring buffer, Kinematic close coupling, ball bearing axles, detailed interior, complete detailing of the car underbody, interior lighting pre-equipped, mobile sliding doors, movable and lockable bellows, prototypical double-sided profiled wheels, Train length approx 68cm, weight about 2 kg, minimum radius of 1020mm

    Note: This set was ordered with the additional interior lighting equipped table lamps; ceiling; doorway entrances and end coach ceiling lights.

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    KM1 202807
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