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    KM1 German Steam Locomotive Gt 2x4/4 of the K.Bay.St.B  

    KM1 109602

    Price: $4,695.00

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    1 Germany I K.Bay.St.B 550mm
    KM1 109602 - German Steam Locomotive Gt 2x4/4 of the K.Bay.St.B

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale Era I Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    Locomotive comes in the well-known Bavarian green RAL 6007 with also green wheels.

    Prototype: Like no other. This sentence certainly applies to the Bavarian Gt 2x4/4. For the Bavarian mountanous sections, this huge tender locomotive was developed by Anton Hammel, who also designed the legendary S 3/6 at Maffei in Munich. The Mallet locomotive has two four-coupled chassis working in conjunction. The front chassis was suspended and movable. The impressive locomotives caused a sensation even at that time as an outstanding engineering achievement. So they were also provided for exhibitions, traffic shows and in the factory with interesting colors. Two series were built, the first from locomotive number 5751 to 5765, the second from 5766 to 5775. Both delivery series underwent  then from 1925 on various modifications, including a Knorr surface preheater was installed, a second air pump, additional dome and sand pipes. The Mallet design provided good traction and cornering in the narrow mountain range turns with the dimensions of the Gt 2x4/4. The first test drive took place in 1914 on the route Lichtenfels-Rothenkirchen. At an incline of 25 per thousand, the locomotive was running at 25 km / h and pulling 465 t. Of the 25 built specimens, six were retired by the end of World War II. In the western zones they were still stationed in Munich and Nuremberg, but were retired till the end of the 1940s. At the Reichsbahn Ost, however, they remained in stock until 1954. Even if none of the mighty BR 96 has survived, its appearance still impresses today and therefore cannot be thought away in Gauge1.

    Model: Metal model made of brass and stainless steel, high-performance motor, high-performance digital decoder DCCD-5 with HDKM-16 sound module in CD quality, full range speaker, Dynamic Smoke with cylinder steam and steam whistle latest generation with about 40 minutes running time per filling, servo-controlled electronic reversal, servo-controlled electronic firebox door, cab lighting , Firebox flickering light, headlight changing in the direction of travel, warm light LED's, red tail light switchable, robust Kardan drive, transmission running on ball bearings, motor and axles running on ball bearings and are suspended, wheel tires made of stainless steel, wheel stars with elliptically profiled spokes on both sides, sprung loaded buffers, movable watertank lid, movable springy cab doors, functional turnbuckles and opening boiler door, lubricating pump drive, detailed cab. The Screw couplings are exchangeable to functional couplings, prototypical paint and lettering. Minimum radius in direct S-curves 1394 mm, in simple curves 1020 mm. Length approx. 55 cm, weight approx. 6.5 kg.

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