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    KM1 Swiss Electric Locomotive VECTRON of the SBB  

    KM1 109303

    Price: $3,295.00
    Sale Price: $2,965.50

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    1 Switzerland VI SBB 593mm
    KM1 109303 - Swiss Electric Locomotive VECTRON of the SBB

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale Era VI Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

     Prototype: The Vectron is a universal locomotive that can now be found in many countries in Europe. Whereas the Vectron was originally ordered by private companies, Siemens has recently also been able to win larger orders from state railroads in Germany, Switzerland & Austria. In the meantime, more than 1000 of these machines are in service on Europe's tracks in a wide range of variants. The Vectron is available in DC, AC or multi-system versions. This beautifully designed machine will initially be released by KM1 in 13 different variants. Depending on the prototype, all roof equipment will also be implemented in the model. But not only the roof configurations will be considered on the model accordingly, also the underbody is a feast for the eyes. Due to the multi-system capability of the Vectron, there are different train protection systems underneath the locomotive. These are designed depending on the variant and country. The Vectron is the first modern and transnational project at KM1. Due to the multiplicity of versions and the production in all-metal mixed construction, the Vectron is your entry into the modern railroad of Gauge 1 and is equally attractive and also affordable.


    ·         Precision model made of die-cast zinc, brass and stainless steel

    ·         2 high-performance motors, multiprotocol digital decoder with HIFI sound wideband speakers

    ·         Prototypical digitally controllable pantographs in AC, DC or MS version

    ·         Cab lighting, headlights that change in the direction of travel

    ·         Red taillights can be switched individually, high beam function

    ·         Model has 4 functional pantographs

    ·         Warm light LED's

    ·         Robust ball bearing drive and transmission on all axles

    ·         Axles with ball bearings and suspension

    ·         Low maintenance and low noise power pickup via axle bearings

    ·         Stainless steel wheel tires

    ·         Spring buffers

    ·         Cab doors that can be opened

    ·         Detailed, multi-color painted engineer's cab

    ·         Built-in engineer's figure

    ·         Screw couplers can be replaced with KM1 double hook or claw couplers

    ·         Prototypical paint scheme and lettering

    ·         Minimum radius 1020 mm, length 59.3 cm, weight 7.5 kg

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