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    KM1 German Steam Locomotive 6058, Ep. I, NEM  

    KM1 107021

    Price: This item is no longer available

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    1 Germany I K.Bay.Sts.B 286mm
    KM1 107021 - German Steam Locomotive 6058, Ep. I, NEM

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale Era I Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    *Please note the image is of a previous version. There may be some small cosmetic changes to the new version.

    Particulars of this version:

    Locomotive Number 6058 in a green and black livery. 2 petroleum head lights changing with direction. Small coal bunker with top part. No bell, no turbo generator. The locomotive is also available with fine scale wheels for an additional charge, please call to discuss.


    The Class Pt 2/3 of the " Royal Bavarian State Railways", with a maximum speed of 65 km/h and a length over buffers of 9165 mm and a comfortable water supply of 6 m³, offered the emerging competition of steam railcar Paroli . Their unusual appearance was created by the 4000 mm wheelbase between the leading axle and the first powered axle. The Pt 2/3 was developed as a light mainline locomotive.  It was universally encountered on main- and branch lines, because of their excellent performance . Due to the nature of the superheated steam engine and its chassis, a good cornering was achieved even on curves of 140 m radius. The DRG took over all the 97 machines as Class 70 and equipped some of them with a Bissel - axle . All survived the Second World War besides 70 050 and did their job reliably till 1963. The last Pt 2/3 retired on 13 July 1963, as BR 70 083 at the DB. It is still preserved as a operational museum locomotive and enjoys great popularity on excursion trips.


    Precision model made from brass and stainless steel with high-performance motor, ESU LokSound 4.0 sound decoder with realistic KM1 HQ sound and energy buffer and full-range speaker. It has the latest generation of Dynamic Smoke with independent cylinder steam. The smoke fluid can be simply filled through the smoke stack. A Servo motor replicates the change from forward to reverse drive. The locomotive has a cab light, flickering firebox light, changing head lights with direction, warm-white LEDs and a robust Cardan shaft drive with ball bearing gear box. The axles are spring-loaded and also equipped with ball bearings. The power pick-ups are low noise and low maintenance off the axle bearings. The wheel stars are with prototypical elliptically profiled spokes. The locomotive has spring-loaded buffers, movable water tank lids, movable cab doors and functional turnbuckles to open the smoke chamber door. You can also open the sand dome. The movable lubrication pump drive comes with highly detailed simulated lubrication lines.  The detailed cab is laid out with real wood floors and different colors. The screw couplings can be interchanged with knuckle couplers, prototypical painting and lettering. Minimum radius of 1020 mm. The locomotive is 286 mm long and weighs 2.3 kg.

    At the request of many customers KM1 decided to fully redevelop this new series and issue them again. They should be delivered in 2015, exactly 10 years after the first model. It was the second locomotive that was built and delivered by KM1. In combination with the branch line wagons ( bay 05) , the BR 98.3 (glass box) , the BR 98.75 (Berg) and numerous freight cars, this locomotive can be used on smaller layouts and still get a fascinating and prototypical operation out of it. Equipped with the latest technology, the model of this particular series is sure to be a show piece on your layout. All photos shown here are from 2005 models.

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