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    KM1 5416 "Magdeburg", K.P.E.V., Ep. I, Tonnendach, Län  

    KM1 105701

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC 1 Germany I KPEV 571mm
    KM1 105701 - 5416 Magdeburg, K.P.E.V., Ep. I, Tonnendach, Län

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale DC Era I Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    Prototype: There was a need to carry heavy freight trains on routes with a low permissible axle load. Meanwhile, the Prussian T 16 (BR 94) of 1905 had proven quite well. It was therefore decided to build an e-coupled locomotive, which was to increase their range of action should receive a tender and whose first draft was based on the drive of the Prussian T 16 and the boiler of the Prussian P 8 (Class 38). By 1925, the Prussian State Railways had 2,589 locomotives, in whose delivery almost all German locomotive factories were involved. The numbering plan of the DRG looked for the pr. G 10 originally the 33 series, but it was then classified as BR 5710-35.
    At the DB remained 649 machines that served until 1969.

    Model: The Prussian G10 is a hand crafted brass precision model with bell anchor motor and KM1 HQ sound. Model is equipped with an ESU Loksound XL decoder, dynamic smoke with
    cylinder vapor, broadband speaker, directional lighting, close coupled kinematics, epoch detailing of the versions, cab lighting, firebox lighting, warm light LEDs, ring-insulated stainless steel Wheel tire, axles and drive ball-bearing, spring buffer, screw coupling exchangeable against claw coupling.
    Model length of approx. 59 cm, weight approx. 6 kg minimum radius of 1020 mm. This model is also suitable for secondary tracks!

    Model Features:

    Bühler brushelss motor
    High-performance digital sound decoder
    Broadband high quality speaker
    Dynamic Smoke with independent cylinder steam
    Functional steam whistle
    Cab lighting, firebox lighting, servoelectronic opening fire door, realistic ember bed, changing direction of travel
    Interior illumination
    Robust cardan drive with rollable and ball-bearing gearbox, drive and axles ball-bearing and sprung, ring-insulated wheel tires made of stainless steel, wheel stars with prototypically elliptically profiled spokes
    Spring buffers
    Movable water box covers, moving cab doors and multi-colored cab
    Functional opening smoke - chamber door
    Functional sand dome for opening, movable lubrication pump drive, finest reproduced lubrication lines, detailed and multicolored designed driver's cab with real wood floor, screw couplings exchangeable for jaw couplings
    Prototypical painting and lettering
    Latest kinematics between locomotive and tender for prototypally close spacing
    Minimum radius 1020 mm
    Weight about 6 kg

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