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    KM1 German Diesel Locomotive V 20 of the DB (black)  

    KM1 102203

    This is a 2021 New Item

    Price: $1,550.00
    Sale Price: $1,395.00

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    1 Germany III DB 250mm
    KM1 102203 - German Diesel Locomotive V 20 of the DB (black)

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale Era III Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 


    Starting in the late 1930s, a total of 129 shunting locomotives with 200 HP power were produced. They had wheel arrangement B with an axle load of approx. 14 tons and were mostly designated as WR 200 B14. The two sets of spoked wheels were driven via a jackshaft and coupling rods. Various manufacturers were involved in the production of the 129 pieces. Although the 3-axle version with 360 hp (V36) achieved greater popularity and distribution, the V20s served reliably and in great numbers with the DB until the end of the 1970s. With the DR they remained in use, in some cases, for longer. Even though their main use was in the shunting service, they were also used on passenger trains or on private railroads. The 2061.01 came to Austria and was used by BBÖ and ÖBB. Today, numerous machines of the of the V20 are still preserved in museums or can be experienced in operation.

    Especially for gauge 1, this small, yet full-grown shunting diesel locomotive is an ideal addition to any layout. Special shunting couplers can be easily retrofitted, and the slow running characteristics guarantee a lot of fun while shunting, whether on a diorama or a larger layout. You will see that the V20 works in any situation and thanks to its weight it has tractive power even for heavy trains.


    ·         Classic Edition model in all-metal construction, mainly made of zinc die-cast and brass

    ·         High-performance motor,

    ·         High-performance digital decoder with HiFi sound

    ·         Wideband loudspeaker,

    ·         Dynamic Smoke generator

    ·         Cab lighting, headlights changing in the direction of travel, red train tail lighting

    ·         Red train rear lighting switchable

    ·         Warm light LED's, shunting lights switchable,

    ·         Robust cardan drive with rolling and ball bearing mounted gearbox, drive and axles ball bearing mounted and spring loaded,

    ·         Low-maintenance and low-noise power pickup via axle bearings

    ·         Prototypically profiled wheels with elliptical spokes,

    ·         spring buffers, movable cab doors, detailed engineer's cab

    ·         Openwork fan grills,

    ·         Screw couplers can be replaced with functional couplers or servo couplers

    ·         Prototypical paint scheme and lettering,

    ·         Minimum radius 1020 mm, length approx. 25 cm, weight approx. 3.5 kg, includes engineer figure.

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