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    KM1 BR 18 536, DRG Ep.IIa, m. Windleitblechen, 2´2´T31  

    KM1 101803

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    Scale Country Era Railway
    1 Germany II DRG
    KM1 101803 - BR 18 536, DRG Ep.IIa, m. Windleitblechen, 2´2´T31

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale Era II Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    Prototype:  The BR18 formerly know as the Bavarian S3/6 was one of the oldest pacific express locomotives built in Europe, she is probably the best known and most popular pacific ever built.  With her timeless elegant appearance and powerful four-cylinder compound drive she fascinated railroad enthusiasts for generations.  The BR18, delicate drive system, whose design has proven itself to the present day as equally robust as reliable. For this very reason, because of their elegance and reliability, they strung on a regular basis, the most prestigious luxury trains like the Rhinegold and the Orient-Express. Because the procurement was the standard locomotives for financial reasons as hesitant as the expansion of routes to 20 t axle load, ordered the DRG from Maffei once more machines of the 18.5 (Bay S 3 / 6) to express locomotives for 18 t routes have available. These locomotives had previously usual place of Westinghouse Air Brake is now the type Knorr, and double-composite air pumps. From 1930 Henschel took over the production of the last 18 machines. The success of the S 3 / 6 brought them far beyond the borders of Bavaria to the BWs Mainz, Wiesbaden, Osnabrück, Darmstadt, Hall and Minden. Especially from Mainz and Wiesbaden, the locomotives hauled the legendary Rheingold, leaving at most railway workers a lasting impression. After the war was a need for more powerful express locomotives. For this reason, the DB decided in 1953 to modernize 30 copies of S 3 / 6. They received new welded high efficiency boiler, modern cabs and multi-valve steam regulator. The machine now than 6.18 were queued to the performance range of the 01 approached, and were the most economical steam locomotives of the German Federal Railways.

    Model: Precision model brass and stainless steel, high-performance engine, the latest generation of digital sound decoder with a realistic KM1 HQ sound, Visaton full range speaker, Dynamic Smoke with cylinder steam fifth Ball-bearing generation with about 40 minutes run time per filling, engine lights, cab lighting, fire box lighting, direction-changing head light, warm light LED's, rugged shaft drive with rollfähigem and ball bearing gear drive and axles and suspension, ring-insulated wheel rim stainless steel, Wheelspiders with both sides elliptic profiled spokes , spring buffers, portable water tank lid, movable sprung cab doors, functioning sash and opening smoke box door, sand dome to open, functional lubrication pump drive, finest simulated lubrication lines, detailed cab, screw couplings with replaceable jaw couplings, prototypical painting and lettering, newest kinematics between the locomotive and tender prototypical tight dome spacing, multi-colored painted cab, two variants tender, minimum radius 1020mm, LP about 76 cm, weight about 7kg.

    Model supplied with: 20 ml of steam distillate, pipette for refilling, a voucher for figures, gloves, Zurüstbeutel

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