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    Fulgurex PO E-401 "La Hongroise" Electric Grey Livery  

    Fulgurex 2227

    Price: TBA

    Scale Country Era Railway
    HO France I Private
    Fulgurex 2227 - PO E-401 La Hongroise Electric Grey Livery

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale Era I 

    Prototype: In the 1920's the French (PO) Paris Orleans Railways were in desperate need of higher speed traction locomotives to run between Paris and the Southwest of France.   In 1923 the PO commissioned two famous engineers, one Hungarian, M. Kando, and the other French, Mr. Parodi, to design a high speed electric locomotive.  Both men were renowned for their work with connecting rod locomotives.  In 1926 their masterpiece Class E401 "La Hongroise" was completed. It was manufactured by the Ganz Locomotive factory in Budapest.  The aesthetics of these machines were rather peculiar and unique, containing a central cab and two long covers surmounted by the pantographs. The locomotives weighted 130 ton reaching speeds up to 80km/h.  The E401's were equipped with four engines which were mounted about each axle.   They were taken out of service in the 1930's, however during World War II they were placed back into service and operated until 1942.

    Model: Fulgurex's model of the E401 is stunning. They are handmade out of brass with extensive detail.  Model features a full cab interior with illumination, sprung loaded puffers, directional lighting, very detailed pantographs and extensive exterior details.  Models are equipped with ESU lokpilot decoder and two high efficiency "Faulhaber" type brushless ironless motor.  The E401's are extremely limited with only 160 produced worldwide.  We believe they would make a nice addition to any collection, especially for the collectors that love old box cab traction electric locomotives with drive rods.  We expect delivery early part of August 2012.

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