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    Fulgurex SNCF Class 231 Pacific - Black Livery  

    Fulgurex 11583

    Price: $1,395.00

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    N France II SNCF 158mm
    Fulgurex 11583 - SNCF Class 231 Pacific - Black Livery

    Product Features and Details
    N Scale Era II 

    Prototype: During 1932/33, the French Nord Railway carried out comparison evaluations of the running qualities of their third series of Super Pacific's with Pacific (4-6-2) type locomotives from the Paris Orlean, (PO) Railway and Mountain types (4-8-4) from the EST and Paris, Lyon and Mediterranean, (PLM) Railway. The outstanding qualities of the PO Pacific were soon recognized and an order for twenty locomotives were placed. After minor modifications were made, the locomotives were put into service on the NORD Railway. The locomotives quickly proved themselves in service, and in 1935/1936 additional orders were placed with private companies for the construction of both locomotives and tenders; Ateliers de Construction du NORD de la France A.N.F., Blanc Misseron for the locomotives and Societe des Usines et Foundries de Baume et Marpent for the tenders. The first eight locomotives, numbered 3.1191 through 3.1198, were developed in 1936. This was followed by twenty others during the short period 1937/1938 bearing numbers 3.1111 through 3.1130. These locomotives are fondly known as "Chapelon's NORD" to locomotive enthusiasts throughout the world and are rightly regarded as masterpieces of locomotive design.

    Model: Fulgurex's new Orient Express class 231 is an extraordinary locomotive. The 231 is handmade out of brass with extensive detail. Model features a full cab interior with illumination, spring loaded puffers, directional lighting, and extensive exterior details. Model comes equipped with  a DCC interface and a high efficiency "Faulhaber" type brushless ironless motor. The 231 is extremely limited and only 250 will be produced worldwide in eight versions. The 231 will make a nice addition to any collection, especially for the collectors that love historic steam locomotives. We expect delivery early part of April 2013.

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