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    ESU ECoS 2.1 Command Station  

    ESU 50210

    Price: $754.95

    ESU 50210 - ECoS 2.1 Command Station

    Product Features and Details

    With the ECoS ESU Command Station 50210, we are now able to present to you the latest generation of our successful ECoS digital center. The ECoS offers you state-of-the-art digital technology and a unique range of functions in the model railway sector, which will not disappoint both newcomers as well as "experts" who are looking for a new head office. Thanks to a large color display with touchpanel and the user interface, the device is very easy to use: all icons are large and clearly arranged, information is displayed in the plain text in different languages, and those who do not want to wipe their finger on the display can also use the supplied stylus.

    The ECoS center includes everything you need for digital plant operation: Simply connect and get started.

    What does ECoS offer you?

    With an ECoS control center, you acquire an open system. It has been designed for maximum openness and compatibility with existing systems and standards. ECoS supports the data formats as a multiprotocol control center:

    • DCC with RailCom® and RailComPlus® (up to 9999 addresses, 128 speed steps, 24 functions)
    • Marklin® Motorola® (up to 255 addresses, up to 8 functions)
    • Selectrix® (driving operation and programming of decoders)
    • M4 (mfx® compatible, with automatic registration of the locomotives)

    The ECoS is thus the only digital center that offers all four common digital protocols. This is important for you to use almost all existing decoders.

    With ECoS, you can control turnouts and magnetic items: the graphic softkeeper gives you access to up to 1200 switches (DCC or Motorola® format).

    With ECoS, you can create and trigger routes: group multiple points and magnetic articles in the simplest possible way and turn them all together.

    With ECoS, you can control shuttle trains.

    To connect external digital components, each ECoS is equipped with the ECoSlink, our CAN-based high-speed system bus. Each ECoS center also has a network port for connecting to a computer. Thanks to the booster integrated in the ECoS and the included switching power supply, you can get started right away! You do not need more!

    For whom is an ECoS suitable?

    Basically, an ECoS always "fits": beginners looking for an easy-to-use control center will immediately be able to make themselves understood: the large graphical display with touchpanel displays all information clearly in the clear text. Never was the change to digital easier! ECoS is suitable for direct and alternating current trainers (suitable decoder provided) and all track widths from N to G are equally suitable.

    Model drivers looking for a new digital center are also right at the ECoS: in addition to the roadway control and the shuttle control, you will appreciate the easy operation of the device and the extensive programming possibilities for decoders.

    You can connect your existing digital system (eg Märklin 6021®, Lenz Digital Plus®, ROCO®) to the input of the ECoSniffer and reuse it as a hand controller. It is more convenient if you want to switch from a Loconet® control center (eg Intellibox, Digitrax®) to the ECoS: The optional L.Net converter integrates these devices perfectly into the ECoS.

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