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    ESU Mobile Control II wireless hand controllers set for ECoS, DE / EN  

    ESU 50114

    Price: $323.99

    ESU 50114 - Mobile Control II wireless hand controllers set for ECoS, DE / EN

    Product Features and Details

    Mobile Control II wireless hand controllers set for ECoS, DE / EN. With wrist strap, USB cable, mini Access Point, plug power supply and LAN cable

    Since smartphones have the classic mobile phone virtually completely displaced with touch controls to model railroaders and train manufacturers Model ask how to use these powerful devices for controlling a model railroad layout. As a result of these issues emerged lately many apps that you can download on his mobile phone and control for model railway use. This approach certainly has the disadvantage that a smartphone was not primarily designed for model railroad operation and is always drawn due to lack of input elements of the views of model railroaders on display. By the time goes on strike due to intensive Bahnbetriebs the phone battery and one is no longer accessible, the limits are quickly apparent. We at ESU us therefore raised the question of how to combine the advantages of smart phone technology with the needs of model railroaders. With great pleasure we introduce the result of our considerations you today. The Mobile Control II you can control locos, stationary decoders and routes via state radio!

    Open platform

    The all-new Mobile Control II is based on Android. For this open, distributed worldwide operating system a powerful base was created: The clocked with 1.3 GHz ARM A8 Cortex® microprocessor can access 1 GB of RAM and controls a high-resolution TFT color display with 3.2 inch size. For storing apps and data are available 4 GB of flash memory available. A capacitive touch screen ensures the contactless entry of all data. To communicate with the outside world in addition to a USB port provides a wireless radio interface. Thanks to the standardized radio interface can always be assured your layout trouble-free operation. With the help of wireless repeaters can be easily extended if necessary radio range. The permanently installed, high-performance lithium polymer battery lets loose even on the longest days of operation. Connect to load your Mobile Control II easy with the USB charger of your mobile phone or any other USB port. Because of the open platform, you can always expand with the help of additional apps from the Google Play Store the functions.

    Combines ergonomics and function

    If you II hold the Mobile Control for the first time in his hands, you will immediately notice its outstanding ergonomics: all controls can be reached with one hand immediately, the most important functions even "blind": Her eyes remain focused on your plant and your moves. Made possible by the central, motorized knobs with end stop. With its help, you can sensitively control the speed of the locomotive and change the driving direction. For switching functions directly touching the icons displayed on the screen. The screen is also used for easy change of functions - exactly like you know it from your phone already. Two buttons on the left and right side of the device eventually serve for switching the driving direction or to trigger the most important functions.


    The Mobile Control II is perfect for working with the ECoS command stations tuned: The ECoS synchronizes all data with the wireless handheld controller, so you need to enter any data locally. For magnetic and routes also the names, addresses and correct symbols are displayed naturally.

    Control locomotives

    The Mobile Control II can control all created in the ECoS locomotives and understands course 14, 28 or 128 speed steps. All significant Lokeigenschaften as the name, a locomotive symbol, Function Keys and Function Keys symbols are taken over by the ECoS and displayed correctly. In this case up to 28 function keys can be connected per locomotive, which can of course be individually configured as static as well as moment features.

    Switch accessories

    All arranged on the interlocking of ECoS accessory and driveways can be switched. Of course, the distinction remains in two- three and four magnetic accessories received and it is also the correct symbol appears on the display.

    More fun at play

    The high-resolution (480 x 800 pixels, 280 dpi), backlit TFT display of the Mobile Control II you always informed about the most important operating parameters. In addition you can see if a loco was assigned by another player or if an emergency stop on the plant.

    Clever connection

    The Mobile Control II uses the wireless standard for communication with the ECoS. You must therefore connect the panel to a WLAN. If you already own a wireless router (eg AVM® FritzBox®, you can connect to this ECoS easily. The ECoS and the Mobile Control II will be found automatically. Do you want your model railway not connect to your home network and you want to remain flexible for exhibitions, this is also not a problem: Upon request we provide for the Mobile Control II a mini access point with which easily using the ECoS in a few steps set up is. If your model railroad grows, you can connect up to 16 Mobile Control II with your ECoS. In this way, for example, every club member is able to control its intended locomotives.

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