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    ESU ECoSDetector RailCom  

    ESU 50098

    Price: $115.99

    ESU 50098 - ECoSDetector RailCom

    Product Features and Details

    The ECoSDetector RC is able to specifically monitor his 4 track sections: With the help of RailCom® technique ("local detectors") can not only be found on these sections, whether a train is on it, but even that train exactly it is (number recognition). Needed course RailCom®-compatible locomotive decoders.

    Each of the 4 inputs of ECoSDetector RC may also operate as a current sensor. Thus, you get at least one track occupancy detection, even if the decoder is not recognized RailCom® capable. Maximum 3A current may flow through each input.

    Knowing which train is located exactly on a portion, resulting in conjunction with the driveway module ECoS about new features: For example, automatically the barriers of a level crossing be lowered, or the trains Search in Schattenbahnhof a free track. Here, the switch inputs or track occupancy detectors are electronically "debounced" to provide reliable feedback in case of unreliable contact or very dirty tracks

    ECoSlink connection

    Each ECoSDetector RC is connected directly via the ECoSlink bus with headquarters. Beside all ECoS Central are also all Central Station Reloaded with Update from ESU. The galvanic isolation of the bus system and station guarantees the highest operational safety and secure transmission to headquarters. At the center all ECoSDetector RC will automatically be recognized and integrated into the business process. The configuration of the devices takes place here comfortable and convenient directly to the headquarters and can also be carried out after installation.

    Built-in future

    The operating software of each ECoSDetector RC can be updated as needed and extended by additional functions: what is necessary to "update" is triggered on demand fully automatically by the control panel. In this way your ECoSDetector is always on the current state of technology.

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