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    ESU German Diesel Locomotive V60 512 of the DB, Old Red (Sound Decoder and Smoke)  

    ESU 31415

    Price: $454.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC/DC HO Germany III DB 120mm
    ESU 31415 - German Diesel Locomotive V60 512 of the DB, Old Red (Sound Decoder and Smoke)

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC DC Era III Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    The DB-V60 is completely new as an ESU model! Chassis, body, engine, gearbox, chassis including intake, smoke unit, lighting, digital coupler, speakers and all details have been redeveloped. The lamp inserts have vertical engravings to match the look of DB unit lanterns.

    The conversion from AC (factory setting) to DC operation is done by pulling off the center grinder and by switching over a small slide switch immediately in front of the front axle.

    The digitally remotely controllable, electromagnetic coupler sits in a standard shaft, is two-level height adjustable and can be easily replaced if necessary, thanks to connectors without soldering or replaced by any coupling.

    The newly designed smoke generator generates a larger amount of steam.


    • LokSound decoder for DCC with RailComPlus®, Motorola®, M4 and Selectrix
    • Independent logon to control panels with RailComPlus® or mfx® functionality
    • Universal electronics
    • Newly developed load-dependent smoke generator synchronous to the LokSound
    • Double loudspeaker with large sound capsule
    • 31 special functions
    • PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterruptible power supply
    • Bell armature motor with flywheel
    • Digital remote-controlled coupling in NEM shaft
    • Prototypical top lighting, cabin and driver's desk lighting
    • suspension lighting
    • Engraved light guide
    • Structure and frame made of metal
    • Openwork fan grille in the long stem
    • Robust yet delicate handle bars made of metal and plastic
    • Multi-colored driver's cab with driver figure

    Completely new is the LokSound 5 decoder. Silky driving characteristics and a number of useful functions and adjustment options inspire the operator. For example, there is a Heavy Duty feature that doubles the acceleration and deceleration times and makes the engine sound at higher engine speeds. With the "locomotive brake", the locomotive goes into idle and slows down a little more - if necessary, to a standstill. In shunting, the locomotive accelerates and decelerates more than in normal operation. 

    In the 1950s, the German Federal Railroad DB was planning to procure a large number of three-axle shunting locomotives in order to modernize the relocation service. It was decided to drive with coupling rods and blind shaft. With a maximum speed of 60 km / h in the route, the locomotive was just as fast as the then usual transit freight trains, and exploited the permissible speed on secondary lines. The coal-fired holding furnace (Dofa oven) was only used to keep the parked V60 warm. From the 1990s, the DB replaced the stoves by powered with external power heaters, which the stoves at the front end accounted for below the right circulation. Other external changes were the installation of Indusimagneten from the mid-1960s and from 1985 the equipment of the majority of locomotives with automatic couplings. DB internal, the production machines are divided into light and heavy locomotives. Externally, both types do not differ. The 54 t heavy-duty version has a larger frame than the 48-ton light locomotives. With the introduction of the computer-friendly designations in 1968, the light locomotives were given the serial number 260, the heavy ones were classified as 261. Until the early 1980s, the locomotives of both series had to be staffed with train-trained personnel. Through a 1987 carried out re-drawing of the locomotives in the series 360 and 361, the DB assigned the machines to the locomotives and created for the trained as a locomotive shunter the job title Lok-Rangier-Führer. The machines equipped with automatic coupling (AK) and radio remote control were given the designation 364 (light construction) and 365 (heavy construction). The BR 362 and 363 emerged only from 1992 and designate locomotives that were equipped with the Caterpillar engine 3412 DI-TA instead of the original Maybach GTO 6 / GTO 6A.

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