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    ESU Cargo Diesel Locomotive G1000 (DCC Sound)  

    ESU 31381

    Price: $469.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    AC/DC HO Switzerland V SBB
    ESU 31381 - Cargo Diesel Locomotive G1000 (DCC Sound)

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC DC Era V 


    At the beginning of the 2000s, the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB ordered 90 Class 2070 shunting locomotives from the Kiel MaK mechanical engineering department. Caterpillar's 12-cylinder diesel engine produces 738 kW at 2100 rpm. The top speed is 100 km/h. These locomotives, which maK refers to as type G 800 BB, are the basis of the manufacturer's 4th type program. The locomotive construction in Kiel was taken over by Vossloh and further developed. As a more powerful version of the G800, the G1000, equipped with an MTU eight-cylinder diesel engine, was launched on the same chassis. The 1100 kW (at 1860 rpm) and 100 km/h fast locomotive can be ordered for axle loads from 18 to 20 t and with country packages for right and left traffic. Between 2002 and 2016, Vossloh delivered 103 copies to railways in Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Deutsche Bahn was also interested in the four-axle and rented locomotives from various landlords for several years. The locomotives reliably provided freight services in almost all federal states. The locomotives are used in heavy shunting service, but also in front of local freight trains. Some G1000 belong to locomotive rental companies such as Northrail in Germany or Ferrotract in France and are employed within the respective national borders, for example, in all sectors of medium-heavy local freight transport, but also in the factory traffic of large industrial enterprises or in sea and inland ports. Various owners such as Spitzke Logistik (D) or Colas Rail (F) use the reliable four-axle axles in construction train traffic. Even after delivery of the Voith Gravita, DB occasionally uses borrowed G1000 in the event of vehicle bottlenecks.


    • Redesign

    • Structure and frame made of metal

    • Detailed fan grilles in the front body

    • Elaborately detailed cab

    • Multi-part bogie apertures

    • Separately attached handle bars

    • Detailed steps

    • Country-specific arrangement of the control panels and exhaust systems

    • Digital coupling in NEM shaft

    • Five-pole motor with two flywheels

    • Drive via gimbal/worm gearbox on all axles, two adhesive tyres

    • LokSound 5 decoder for DCC, Motorola ®, M4 and Selectrix operation

    • Self-registration at control panels with RailComPlus® or mfx functionality

    • PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterruptible power supply

    • Loudspeaker with large sound capsule for maximum sound enjoyment

    • Universal electronics for switching between two-rail and three rail operation

    • Digitalized original noise of a Vossloh G1000 BB

    • Sensor-controlled curve noise during slow cornering

    • Direction-dependent light change, switch-off peak signal on the side, shunting, cab and driver's cab

    • lighting, ECR locomotive with high beam

    • Switchable step lighting

    • Brake sparks when braking sharply

    • Navigable minimum radius = 360 mm

    • Length over buffer = 161 mm

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