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    Consignment Marklin 48808 - WÜRTEMBERG OLDTIMER 4CARS (L)05  

    Consignment MA48808

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    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC HO Germany I K.W.St.E 455mm
    Consignment MA48808 - Marklin 48808 - WÜRTEMBERG OLDTIMER 4CARS (L)05

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era I 

    Prototype: 4 different classic freight car types of the Royal Württemberg State Railways (K.W.St.E.). Open freight cars with high side walls. Gondola for chicory transports. Ice refrigerator car for beverage transport. Stake car for vehicle transport.
    Model: High side gondola in association livery. Mineral water car with closed ice hatches in roof and small platform on both ends. Chicory car with closed representation of the gondola hatch and a brakeman?s platform. Stake car with removable stakes and detailed freight trailer model as load. All cars with spoked wheels. Total length over buffers 45.5 cm / 17-29/32". DC wheel set 8 x 70 0630.

    One-time series for the jubilee celebration "200 years of the Kingdom of Württemberg".

    The land belonging to the Lords of Wirdeberch dates back to the year 1081. 50 years after the first documented mention of the name, the lords received the title of Count. In 1495 Württemberg obtained the rank of dukedom. Friedrich I became Elector Prince in 1803, and ascended to the throne as King in 1805 with the support of Napoléon Bonaparte. In later years he guided his country into the Rhine Confederation. The Württemberg territory doubled in size during the French domination of middle Europe. Parts of Upper Swabia, and the Allgäu came under the Württemberg crown. The royal territory remained unchanged until 1952. At that time Württemberg and Baden joined together to become one state. While the two peoples did not always have an easy time living together, the fusion was considered to be very successful. Today Baden-Württemberg is among the richest Federal States. Many well-known companies are headquartered there, including the software giant SAP, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, and the world?s market leader in model railroading, Märklin. From the beginning, the Kingdom of Württemberg relied on construction of State railways. All main lines were established at State expense. Private initiatives only had a chance on the other side of magisterial authority. Among other reasons, the decision for State Railways was due to his majesty?s love of the railroad. Consequently, there were several locomotive factories in the state, among which Maschinen Fabrik Esslingen, obtained the greatest significance.

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